Monday, May 16, 2011

Butter my biscuit SHES BACK

Guess who's back???? CHER!!!

Lol no just lil ol me . I figured it was about time to get this going again. Ive been toying with the idea of starting back up or just flat out starting a new one and what I'm doing is kinda both . Same blog but WHOLE new feeling to it . Hope y'all like. Life is so good right now I just want to continue to have a way to write it out and remember it all. I want to update my music player so maybe by tonight or tomorrow Ill have it all updated.

If you would have told me back in sep that my life would be like this just these few months later I woulda never believed it. Things are so good with me and hubby. Honestly its been years since weve been this happy . Its either been I was happy and trying to make him happy or him trying to make me happy or neither of us happy but this is the first time in such a long time that weve both been happy. I am just so glad that we have been able to find our way back to each other after everything we have been trew and put each other trew. Moving to Texas together was trully the missing piece that was missing .

Lil man is doing better then ever. As most of you know with him being Autistic hes had a hard time with many of the little things other children just pick up. But with the school hes in, They are helping him sooooo much . He is writing his own name and speaking it complete sentences for the most part. He knows the diffrence between Hot&Cold. Up&down, Good&Bad and all those good things. This classroom is just the right spot for him right now. Our goal is to mainstream him into a regular classroom oneday. But for right now Im just so thankful for the prgress he is already making . Cant believe hes alread 7 and in less then a year will be 8 and out of a carseat. :( . It might not seem like a big thing to everyone else but to me him getting out of a carseat is a big milestone to me because its kinda like hes going from my little boy to a big boy. Its like with the carseat goes his baby/boyish years . The next one will me 13 when he can sit in the front seat ..... Can I say I feel old. But hes loving the warm weather, Im excited for him to find the love of water like I have but thinking hes gonna be like his daddy in this fact. And thats ok .

Stepsons still living with my inlaws. And honestly that is the best place for him. He is doing so great school wise . And with him being there , Theres no drama here between the two boys. Me and him . Me and hubby . or Hubbys family and us . Not to mention hes able to have a relationship with Biomom and I dont have to deal with her YIPPIE!!! lol . We were thinking about bringing him back because we have finally gotten settled and living in a beautiful 3 bedroom 2 bath with huge front and back yards and in a great school district . But when we really sat down and realized that this situation is better for everyone involved we knew it was better to just leave him with Hubbys family .

Hubby bear is <3ing it down here . It took him ohh about 3 days to get use to it . The weather is still catching him by surprise . He never believed me when I told him about how one moment it can be beautiful and then the next a hail storm .... And the fact it could be dead humid in the middle of the night. But hes loving it down here. I always joked that he was ment to be in texas and now he agrees. Hes working at an alright job. We would like it better if it was closer or 1st shift but right now hes working toward another job that would take him away from the home for awhile but the money would be so good that we could get out of debt not to mention new cars and hopefully a new house .... HOPEFULLY ! Im not going to get too into details about the job but even though Id miss him Im really hoping he gets this job. He finally got his Tx Id today. Well went and transferd his id. It will come in the mail in a couple weeks. Its offical . Hes a texan! Even though hes lived here since Oct. and has bills in his name. But it's all good . Hes here and hes mine.

We have a new member to the family. Would like everyone to meet Gizmo. She was born Jan 17th. My mommas Bday. Shes half Boxer and Half Irish Setter. She has grown soo much over the last couple months. And everyone says this is about the time when shes going to level off and stop going. Hope so cuz shes like trippled in size. But shes a sweet heart and deff a member of this family.

And now to me. Like Ive said if I was told this is how my life would be like now I would never believe it . One thing I always knew is that I would be happier once I was back and boy is this true. Theres times I still have my moments , but Im human get over it. I have a wounderful family in a beautiful home . Beautiful weather . Such a great best friend and people around me . I acctually had thanksgiving with my grandfather and xmas with my grandmother . Havnt had holiday with my family in a long time . Had thanksgiving with my grandmother a couple years ago but other then that didnt get to see them hardly ever. I was going out alot but Im happy at home . Always have been but with my bestfriend living 3 blocks away from me we can have fun at home and not go anywhere. I do have to say that Befor I moved back I thought I would be closer with another friend of mine then I am with her . The one I though would be closer didnt really make an effort or take it when I tried so I just stoped trying . She knows where I live. and how to get ahold of me . As that Im always up for hanging out but Im not going to wait around forever for her to show she cares. I know she loves me but Im going to leave it at that . My BESTFRIEND has been in my life for the last 13 yrs. She is so much like me that we call eachother twin because we just have that connection .I have a few other friends and then D thats been in my life since I was 8 almost 9 . Shes like a sister to me and dont know what I would do without her and her family. I have also FINALLY figured out what Im going to go to school for. I know its taken me years but thats because over the years theres been a few things I knew I could be happy doing but I feel like this is the best fit for me. Waiting to push forward with it untill we know whats going on with the job situation for Hubby Bear. Guess Im going to leave this for now. Hope y'all enjoy.

PS Was going to post pics but Bloggers having a hissy fit so im gonna try later . Peace Love Chicken Grease