Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holy Cow.... I cant believe its november already. I come back to this blog from time to time to check up on the other peoples lives I spy on. But never actually sit down and type something out .
We are finally living back in the great state of TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!
And I dont think theres any other place Id rather be. Granted some things arnt as good as I was thinking/hoping they were going to be but other things totally makes up for it. Hubby Bear is loving it down here.(*Cough*Told you so*Cough*) Lil man is loving the beautiful weather and having all the new people around.
We are living in a beautiful home in a great area.
Hubby bear got into another car accident sunday... He did some major damage to our car but thankfully he and the other car are perfectlly fine.
We dont know for sure but were pretty sure with the amount of damage done to it there going to total the car. Not sure how Im feeling about that.
Life is crazy right now. But Im loving every moment of it.