Thursday, May 19, 2011


I came onto my blog like the good lil girl I am to check up on everyone elses blogs I read and my list DISAPPEARD!!!!! WHY ME?!?!?

So now my job is to TRY to find them again. If I'm unable to find them thank y'all so very much for letting me peep into your lives.

I did start to update my music player .. well making a new one but now Im listening to my old one and I still love all those songs so think what Im gonna try doing is figuring out my password for the curent one and just adding to it if Im able to .

Come to realize I really hate our car. As most of you know , well the one or maybe two people that actually read this . Hubby bear got into a car accident on halloween last and we didnt know if they were going to total it out or not. Well they did only thing is because of when we switched companys with our loan to try to get a better payment no one told us the gap insurance was being totaled. NOT ONE FREAKING PERSON!!! So there we were trying to get another car loan since we didnt have money to go buy another car outrite. And were sitting there being told not only can they not get us approved for anything cheaper then like 500 a month our old car was on our credit not once but TWICE! Because when we switched loan companys that company posted it once and heres the kicker they sold out their company to another and That companys claiming it on there also . So we have the same car on our credit twice with two diffrent companys. And thats not even the worse part that last company is claiming it as a repo... UM NO!!! No one came and got it or took it from us. It was in a accident . Were trying to fight it but were pretty much getting nowhere . So after finding all that out a family member loaned us alittle money . That honestly they dont really have to loan us to try to get another one from like or somewhere like that . Well we did . Only thing is the guy had it all set up to where it ran fine and then a couple days after we had it home one thing went wrong then another and another and another . So even though we had a car we couldnt use it . Yea I was not a happy camper. Finally after months of not having a car and relieing on everyone else we were able to come up with like 500 for a car that was a friends . Lets just say it was not taken care of . I hate being in it and cant really drive it a whole bunch.... I know we need another car right now but we just cant afford it with everything else going on right now. Just venting I guess.