Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ok so maybe Im not that great at blogging .
Like I have this image in my head of what I want to be like.
Someday I actually come quite close.
But then theres others where I couldnt be farther from it if I tried.
Like today .
I want to sit down and play with Lil man.
But he never wants to play with me.
I want to clean up and and make the house nice and clean for my family.
But I still havnt gotten up.
I want to get us down to everything and only what we need .
Seeing as this is the last week in this house.
But theres still crap everywhere.
Maybe tomorrow will be better.
Maybe it wont.
I know Im blessed.
I am Flawed. I am beautiful. I am smart. I am lucky. I am blessed. I am flawed.


tiffany said...

We're all flawed... You forgot to say that you are good enough exactly the way you are!