Monday, August 2, 2010

Been back to work for almost a week now.
I missed ALMOST everyone there.
Hince on the Almost part.
Summer is trully here.
Were really busy .
Which is nice because it usally makes the time go faster.
I do miss being home at nights though.
Think when I finally do get a job in Tx Ill either go part time or only work mornings.
Ive been on a "CupCake Hunt".
Have yet to find a actually good one.
Just a crappy one that I coulda made myself.
Tomorrow I have off . Hubby bears planning on working late So think me and lil man are just gonna relax. Maybe some movies. PLaying and hopefully Ill be awake enough to go for a walk.
Im really thinking about stoping something Ive loved to do for almost half my life.
Nothing harmful or against the law.
Just something I do on the computer . Ive done it since I was 11 .. Well on and off . After lil man was born I took a break from it and went back to it a couple years ago.
But It seems forced now. And Seems like its taking time away from things that in honesty is more important. and I know that when this move happends I wont even really have time for it.
Ill miss it. It was kinda my creative outtage. But In the end itll be better and I know that Ill always be able to go back to it .