Monday, August 9, 2010

12 More days!!!!
Yep you heard it right. 12 more working days untill I never bestone a Suncco Working Smock.
Its dawning on me even more now that within a month I will be saying goodbye to Pa forever and Hello to where the heart is.
Yes that was totally a rip off from a movie.
A very good movie BTW!
Showed the house to a couple yesterday. They had seen two diffrent houses. Ours and another one. But this couple seemed to like the fact ours was on a more private lot then the other one was and even though ours isnt as nice as the other one but ours is almost a 1000 cheaper. So hopefully they take it.
Trying hard to get rid of everything around the house we dont need.
NOT having very good luck. Please Please Please cross your fingers for us.
I had a proud moment the other day.
My grandmother is finally venturing out into the land we like to know as FaceBook. And me ... Someone half a country away instructed her how to find her main Facebook page and her mail. I was proud that I was able to help her even within a short paragraph.
nothing else really happening. Just alot of getting everything ready.
Theres somethings going on between me and Hubby Bear. I wont really go into it right now but this move will either make us or break us.
Off to enjoy my morning befor have to go back to the hell I call work.