Friday, July 23, 2010


Well plans for my vactation didnt go as planned.
Thats ok though. Went and tried out this mexican restrant that we keep hearing about. Fiesta Ole.
OMG the best Chicken Enchaladas Ive ever had.
Momma if your reading this of course I mean other then yours.
The had a special on original Margaritas . $2.50 .
Man , It was so strong deff work the $2.50.
Rented a bunch of movies.
Cop Out , Post Grad , Our family Wedding , And the movie for Prison break.
Not to mention season 3 of Tutors.
I wanted to rent the 1st season of True Blood but man theres like 8 disk and I know I have a good amount of time on my hands but not that much.
Got 98.9% of the stuff in storage.
Hit my head about 6 times today on one door or another.
After the last time I gave up and sat in the car while Hubby bear finished off.
Thank you hubby bear.
Selling MIL's car is becoming a pain.
But on the plus side we have a plan for what to do about the house.
I think its going to storm again.
Go figure my only week of vacation and their planning storms all weekend.
Im getting more and more excited about moving home.
This Misplaced texan will no longer be misplaced.
Heading to go watch the rest of Cop out. Very funny movie if anyone wants a good laught.