Thursday, July 22, 2010

Holy crap

Can you say Ive been slacking?

Not gonna make exscuess. I just didnt want to blog. Ok correction. I wanted to but everytime I went to do It I lost the desire to have my life read . so Im gonna try to be better at this. Think instead of like a book or whatever Im just gonna ramble.

Moving to Texas is Sep.
Couldnt be more trilled about this.
Found the CUTEST boots ever last night.
Dont have the money for them yet.
Hubby bear got a pair of pants that he hasnt been able to fit into since he was 19. CONGRATS hubby bear.
Im on my 2nd day of Vacation.
Feels like its almost over. How sad is that.
Went to the Crayola Factory last saterday.
Wasnt as fun as I thought it would be. But lil man enjoyed it.
Thats all that matters right?
Lil mans def got a mind of his own now.
Sometimes I love it.
Sometimes I dont.
Starting to hate my job.
Thankfully I only have another 4 weeks after my vacation left there.
More wrapping to do tonight and then pretty much everything I own will be put into storage tomorrow.
Going to get a pedicure tonight. Mmmmm To be pamperd for an hour.
Thinking about coloring my hair again. Blond on top brown on bottom....
Starting to lose weight... even if it is only a couple pounds here and there. Its still something.
The people we rent this land from wont approve the people that were gonna take over the place for us once we move.
Its gonna ruin our credit even more but were just gonna have to leave.
Thats if for now.