Monday, April 19, 2010

So things are fastly getting back to normal. Which is nice. I can honestly say Ive missed it. Even with a few issues here and there things are nicly settling back for all of my lil family. Ok so maybe alittle more dramatic then it actually has been.

Summer is coming and all I feel like doing is hiding under a blanket till it goes away. This has been a issue for me since I have gotten the blessing of school for my children. The idea of them home all day long scares me. Makes me feel like a bad mother because I dont have some new and exciting adventure planed out.

dont think it will be too bad this summer. lil man has 4 weeks of summer school just to keep him up and ready for Kindergarden. Step son will be coming and if the money pans out we should be doing a bunch of fun things like movies . Bounce u . Pool. Drive inn. Maybe go get his pics done since were pretty sure bio mom wont be sending any to us . Well at least i am. Im hoping to try again to teach lil man to swim. Not sure how thats going to go. But we can try. I will hopefully have my surgery in june. And then theres the VIP tickets to the hottest country star out there . Jason Aldean.

I do admit that lately Ive been giving hubby bear a bit of a hard time. Not all of it is my fault . But I know what a great guy I have. I love him with everything I can and I hope he knows this. And Babe. I promise to try more as long as you do to.

Our 7 year aniversary is next monday. And all I can say is . Damn. I cant believe how time flys. I honestly never sall my life being what it is. But I love it. And it can only get better. Well off to play games on facebook. Later