Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lil Man got into more stuff this morning. This is every morning for like the last two weeks. I guess its partly my fault because of me working evenings I am very tired in the mornings. But I get up with him every morning and feed him all his meals . So why he still gets into food is still a mistery. Any ideas would be great.

Im not feeling that hot right now. Not sure what it is but just feel .... sick ... I guess thats the best word for it.

I love this feeling of happiness. I can sometimes self destroy. And Im tired of that. I feel like sometimes Im scared of trully letting myself be happy . Even though its what I want more then anything . And to be honest if I would just tell myself to chill I would see I have that. Have a nice house. Beautiful weather . Wounderful husband. and a great son. Yes there are some issues but there is nothing that is perfect. I am happy and I will continue to be.