Friday, January 29, 2010

Tax Time

So we got taxes today.... Did them last night. And let me say............

We got screwd.

Yep thats right , screwed. Pretty much got the money for the kids and a "Have a nice day".

But thats alright. Its enought money to get the new laptop weve been wanting and needing. A new digital camera. Taking care of everything for lil mans bday. Along with a few other bills. Which all in all. Is not bad.

Of course I was alittle upset about it when we orginally found out what we were getting back. But , In the end after some tears. Small argument... And I mean VERY small. We were able to come to a agreement with what we should do with the money. And I have to say. Its a really good plan.

I did start my other blog about what Im going trew with the surgery that Im still waiting on insurance approval for. I am not going to pin point where it is. But if you know this blog well enought. Which Im not sure is anyone. But if you know this blog well enought you might be able to find the link for it. If not then when the time comes I will put the link in a actual post.

Lil man has been horriable lately. And I say this with love. Theres times I love him and theres times I just wish he was at school or somewhere else. I didnt mean that to be harsh. but yea. Today and yesterday were two of those days. I love my son with everything I am. But WOW . Sometimes I just need a break. Thankfully tomorrow I will be getting that break. My lovely Momma is taking lil man for the night over her house. I will be at work all night but after work like 5 of us are going out and hubby bear is going to meet us out there. It should be a nice night out . More so to be able to sleep in without worring lil man will make a mess.

Maybe Ill get some good pics with the new camera. If your lucky Ill post some. And Im not big on pics of myself.