Sunday, January 24, 2010


I can honestly say that for years Ive been thinking about a Tattoo for my upper right arm. And FINALLY I have figured out what I want. And all in the same week found the woman who I want to do it. I have four more tattoos I want to get. That will bring the grand total after everythings said and done to 11. Yep thats right.11. I have 7 already. Me and hubby bear are planing on getting matching tattoos. And then theres the one Im going to get for lil man. His birth foot print and intials and birthdate then theres the one I found that the woman I want to do. Lets just say its gonna be girly. That is when ever I get it done. And then theres nother one Im going to get for my side. Yep thats right my rib cage. But after having my foot tattoed I dont think anything will hurt as bad. But Im waiting to describe the last two I want to get. But I know that Thell look perfect If Im able to do them. Correctiong WHEN I do them. But think Im running out of places to put them. So far I have my right outter ankle done with my sun/moon. Top left foot with shooting stars. Both inner wrist with Dream/Believe. Back of neck with the symble for Beautiful.Yes I Made sure it was the right symble befor I got it done. Between shoulder blades with my Beautiful butterfly. And then finally front of my left shoulder with my little angel/demon heart. Its cutter then it sounds. But the foot print Ill be doing on my lower back so that way when I have more children It will look like footprints across my back. The girly tattoo will go on my upper right arm. The secret one will go on my left side and Im not sure what the one for hubby will go. Were not even 100% which one were gonna get. Guess in time it will come to us when we find the right one.

Other then tattoos. Life is good. I know its been a LONG time since Ive said this. Yes we have the normal stuff like its cold and hubby bear hates his job. I on the other hand actually love my job... Well more the people then the actuall work. We are planning for the surgury and what were going to be doing with tax time. I figured out what Im getting lil man for his birthday and if I have the money what Im getting Hubby bear for our aniversary. Yes I know its still 9 months away but this is something Ill have to buy soon so I know well have them. And then theres moving. Both me and hubby bear have found everything we want and need for the most part. Now its just paying for it all.

I have decided that when the time comes and insurance approves me I will be starting another blog.It will be in regards to the type of surgury Im going to be having. But untill the day I get approved then I wont say more then I hope it happends. But everything seems to be coming along nicely with it. Have another apt tomorrow in regards to it. Hubby bear wont be able to go with me because lil man dosnt have school on mondays but it will still be nice to have him home for most the day . And tomorrow were gonna go look at the place were we might be getting lil mans bday cake from.

But thats about it . Hurt myself at work yesterday but the funny thing was that all I did was put a jacket on to go outside for a fresh air break( Equal to a smokers break for non smokers)and something just like poped in my shoulder. So Im thinking I either pinched or pulled a muscle. Oh well. Off to be supper mom. Thinking about changing the name of my blog. Who knows.
Hope everyone has a great day even with the ickky weather. <3