Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I signed on today to a unknowing unapproved comment waiting for me. I did not understand what they were trying to say or who it was from.That dreaded "HIDE ME HIDE ME" Buttom. Why cant people just tell other people there reading or looking into their world. I know that with this blog Im going to have some people reading my inner thoughts. Even though these arnt really my deepest darkest thoughts. Maybe thats wrong of me. But Ive come to learn that theres better things left unsaid then cause a fight for something that shouldnt even be brought up. Hmmm Maybe one day Ill be able to just Open up to everyone or maybe just one or two people. I have one person I can open up to without worring about anything but that one person seems to cause issues with other people in my life so thats a situation I will leave alone for now.

Anyways. If anyone is reading this. Send me a Hey how are you. Or even fallow me. That wouldnt hurt... At least I dont think so.

Not trying to be crabby.. Not feeling good. Everyone at work has been sick its been going around... Not looking forward to tonight since its delievery day and usally just sucks.... I cant wait untill we move and then I can go to school for something that I know I will love alot more then what Im doing now and will pay me a hella lot more. But thats not for another year.

I was going to do a upbeat blog about my past weekend. And how I love finding people from my past. And yada yada yada but for some strange reason that Comment got to me. Not sure why though. It was just a weird comment from someone I dont have a clue who it is .Oh well . Work in a hour and Im sure Ill have plenty of other people to deal with then some strange person with a weird comment.