Monday, January 11, 2010

Sorry for the MIA

But life has been good lately. Ok so yea it would be nice to be rich and live in Texas and have everything in the world .... But wanna hear the funny thing? Other then being rich Im about to get everything I want. >:Knock On Wood:< I Mean there still in the works and I know anything can happen but as it seems everything is finally working out for the best after years and years of let downs. And the best thing of all. Hubby Bear is finally working with me vs. Against me. We have gone trew hell and back. Some things people know others people dont and may never. But thats part of being married, You take the good with the bad. You support each other when the others weak , You praise them when they have been good and you love with no bound.

I am excited to say that we have finally started to go trew all our stuff and narrowing it down to what we will be taking with us to Tx and what will not be. And let me just say . HOLY CRAP we have alot of useless stuff. Thankfully most of its just like toys and the boys old clothes that we will be taking up to the Consignment shop and letting others get enjoyment out of them as well as giving us credit to get more useless stuff for Lil man. OTher things that are not kid related will be going up on craigslist and what dosnt sell will be tossed or given to who ever wants it. I am glad to say that while we were going trew everything we found a bunch of stuff we forgot about. Stuff that will Def be going with us. Think Im alittle excited about the whole moving/getting organized thing.

My mommas and hubby bears birthdays are right around the corner. Not to mention both boys birthdays are exactlly 2 weeks apart. We gave momma a really nice camera that we found a couple years ago. Dont know if it works but she loves it anyways. Im also planning on getting her one more thing that is more of a Joke gift. Hoping shell get a laught outta it when Im finlly able to get it for her. Not to sure what Im gonna get hubby bear yet.I know theres something he wants but they dont really sell untill around summer time. So well see. Step sons birthday Hubby bears planning on going up to see him. That should be nice. Lil mans birthday were gonna be taking him to the Baltomore Aquirum. Im hearing its one of the best ones and since we dont live that far from it I feel its worth the drive for him turning 6.... ~Whimper~

:D Tax time is also right around the corner. Thinking its one of the major things Im looking forward to. With this money we will be getting lots of new shiny things that Ill only be able to play with half of them . The other half is going to be in a corner till we move. :( But thats ok . Just means itll be nice and shiny when we get down there.

Xmas was great. Lil man had a nice load as did Step son(From the pictures). Hubby bear and myself got a few things weve been wanting. But I have to say the best gift was what Hubby bear got me. Got me Vip tickets to go see one of the hottest Country singers in the world. Jason Aldean. Yep yep. Im one lucky girl. Hopefully Ill be able to get off for the weekend so we can make the whole weekend outta it. I would really like to go to this one museum thats down around that area but its still a wait and see type of thing. Gotta talk to me boss.

New years was really nice. I had Hubby bear call me outta work early so we headed to Target to get a couple things then headed home. Lil man made it 30 mins befor the ball droped which is a record for him and hubby bear made it pretty much all the way but passed right after that. Which you have to understand he gets up around 3/4 every morning. So he was beat. Me I was good to go . LMAO .

Things for the surgury are coming along nicely. I have one more apt to make which I will most likely have made by tomorrow.... To hard to talk on phone with lil man. And then theres a couple other test I have to do along with attend all the apts I have made and hopefully I will be approved. If not I dont know what Im going to do. I can honestly say that the reason Im having the surgury is really starting to effect me and I know something needs to be done.

Well think Im off to be super mom and get some cleaning done befor I lay down to read. Yes Im a book worm. Sadly Im getting rid of all my books to replace it with the much needed space saving Kindle. This is trully a sad day because one of my most fav feelings and smells is the the pages of a brand new book. Yes Im a dork but thats ok. Because Im the coolest dork I know.