Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tis the season

Is it just me or is this Christmas one of the best? Ok so maybe my life isnt perfect but right now its damn near close.

Things are moving along nicely with stepson at biomoms. Of course with me being someone who can only put up with so much for only a limited amount of time befor I speak my mind. BioMom and myself have butt heads a couple times. But hey Being the mom for the last almost 7 years when she wasnt . I Think Ive earnd the right to stand up and say something when I think I see something thats wrong. I've earnd that right DAMNIT *Folds arms and stomps foot* But in the end. Hubby bear and myself are going to be the bigger people and reassure stepson every chance that even though he dosnt live with us we still love him. No matter what she says about us to or around him.

Lil man is getting really excited for friday . Man it dosnt seem like its right around the corner. But hey at least it'll be over that much sooner. Yes Im one of those people that hate this hoilday season. Its turned into almost every other hoilday and is all about money and what are you getting and giving. Me I really only get stuff for like the kids and hubby bear and parents. The rest of the family gets yearly photos of Lil man. Because to me this hoilday should be about being thankful for what we already have and who we have in our lives. Not about Oh whos sending me what. Shoot my Birthday was this past sunday and even thought the only one that got me something was my mom(Gifts) Dad( Money ) and Grandma(Money) It was the one of the best birthdays Ive had in a long time untill later in the day. Even if I wouldnt have gotten anything it was nice just knowing everyone was thinking about me and everything was calm. Yes I had to work but hey it was ok . Easy day till Bio mom started her drama and I was ready to walk from everything. Like I said. Theres only so much I can take of something befor I do something. 7 years of putting up with something gives me the right to say Im done with the situation thats causing me stress and nothing but heartbreak. So thats eactlly what I did. Wont go into details but yea the ending of my bday sucked but the rest was great.

Lil man should be happy with his load from santa , Momma and daddy and all the others that love him. Of course he only vagely gets what the whole santa thing is but it should still be a nice day.

His birthday is right around the corner and Hubby bear and myself are planning this great day for him. Baltamore Aquir. Then come home to a new puppy. Were gonna go look at this one place that has pure breed puppys , Yes its pricy but hey pure breeds plus there entire history and all shots and everything taken care of to me its worth the money , To see what type Lil man is intrested in. Itll be a fun day. Reminds me I need to request off work.

Cant believe this year is almost over. Can honesly say it didnt start out the best but its seeming to turn into a great one. Next year Im pretty sure will take for ever to end because of the two MAJOR things going on in the next couple months and right after the new year a year away. But all in all it should be a great one. At least Im hoping. Thats all a girl can do right?