Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can you ?

Can you quit life?

I mean keep all the good that you have but just say To hell with it for the bad?

Theres some things coming up that I am nervous about but on the other hand really excited about.

Like this Dr. Apt tomorrow. It in itself is a HUGE step towards something Im hoping to get done. I couldnt be more scared if I tried. Thankfully Hubby bear will be there with me but UnThankfully Cpt.Kia is getting out of school early so he will be tagging along or Hubby bear will have to stay home to get him from school. Either way him getting out early is a huge pain but something we can handle. I am hoping and praying this apt goes well because if it does , It will mean a whole new life for me. No Im not getting divorced or leaving my children. It just means this will be a fresh start for me , myself and I without actually having to take a Fresh Start. Sorry but unlike someone else I know . I will never just up and leave my Son. But yes think its safe to say that Im alittle nervous about tomorrow . At least I get to go into work late. No matter how long the apt will last.

Friday me and hubby bear will be going to see NewMoon. Thanks mom for watching the boys this weekend. I know how much is going on with grandmas arrival the very next day. I have been waiting for this day for a year now. Since the day they anounced they would proceed with the Twilight series and make the next one. And then the one after that. Yes I am a TwiGeek. I love all the books but her Including "The Host" Which is rare because Im not really into the whole SciFyi Thing. Im more fantasy and things like that. But its a great book and even more THERE MAKING IT INTO A MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant wait.

Next week will be filled with great times as my grandmother that I havnt seen in YEARS will be coming to stay for a week. I know this is just the thing myself and my mom need right now as my mom is going trew a rather hard and emotinal time right now. I wont go into details right now but lets just say Even though we all sall it come I think in some way its Effecting everyone in one way or another. But yes. Even though I will have to work in the evenings I will be able to spend most of the time with her. And even though Im working thanksgiving well be doing a whole big thing the next day. But I think it works out this way because I get paid Time and Half and Grandma wants to watch football on thanksgiving and well.... Simply put... I could care less about football. Other then the guys butts look REALLY good in those pants. Love you hunny.

I am proud to Admit that 99% of my Xmas shopping is done. Got all the kids and hubbys gifts. Hubby has already recieved them. If you know anything about me . You know I suck at waiting to give gifts. ITs even harder when I live in the same house hold. The kids Im fine with waiting because well There kids. But for others its REALLY hard for me to wait. Which is why usally everyone gets them ahead of time. But at least I give everyone a choice as to when they want it. Usally they say just wait .

Theres some stuff going on with Hubby bears family. Some words were said to us that were rather hurtful and plain just pissed us off. I sent out a email to most of my family . Basiclly to update everyone on whats going to be happening within the next couple months with the move and Cpt.Kia moving to Bio Moms . And then there was a Xmas wishlist for those that had asked for it or wanted it. Well lets just saying Without having all the facts a family member we thought we could always count on Attacked us and pretty much shuned us. I will not be going to this family memebers home for a LONGGGGGGGGGGGG time. We knew some people would think ill of our choice but the way she handled it was Wrong. But its Fianlly clear to hubby bear what Im been telling him all along how they've favord one child over the other. But thats ok. I dont need them and neither does Lil Man.

Anyways. Guess Im done ranting and raving . Just wanted to give everyone a kindof update.
Its the hoilday season so Im expecting life to get crazy but I can hope and pray its the good kinda crazy