Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Ok so wow.... Guess we can take that statement about wanting to post more often and just trow it out the window. I have been trying harder to do it . I visit my blog Daily to read others blogs but everytime I go to click on " New Post" I pause trying to figure out what I would write about that wouldnt bore the complete crap out of anyone.

But thats the whole thing ..... Life has been somewhat calm. Nothing to large going on. Of course I have things in the works. But untill I know for sure I will not be writing about them.

Untill we know for sure about said issue above plans to move back are still on. This gets me giddy all over with excitement. But let me tell you something. There are some things and places up here in Yankie Land that I will trully miss. I know this and have accepted this as the fact that you cant have your cake and eat it too. Its ok because I know Ill be back to visit . And visit I will. Maybe not that often but Lil mans and Hubby bears family is up here so of course we will be back from time to time and in those times I will partake on the things I have missed so much.

Everytime I go to a store I see something and im like " Ohhh maybe I could get that and keep it in the pkg and just take it with me. Like we all know that this is the only place the stores are. Yep thats right. Deep down Im a pack rat. Hate it but its my lil secret. But Ive made a goal to not take anything with us down there that we dont need. Because trust me . We have a whole shed of boxes that quite frankly half of the stuff we could probly get rid of.

Halloweens this weekend and Im off for trick or treat. Im excited about this. I think the boys are too. I wounder what type of candy well get. I wont be dressing up friday but I will be saterday for work. Im going as a Texas Longhorn Fan. And in the Yankie Philly fans I know Ill get yelled at . But everyone I work with think its a cute idea. So Im going with it. Dont count on pictures because right now I am in no mood for pictures.

I guess thats about it.