Sunday, October 11, 2009

The winds of change are a blown.....

Yep thats right. Things are most deff going to be diffrent in my life here very shortly. Ok so not that shortly but hey considering how long they could have taken its a short time.

As I sit here fighting the little demons that have taken over my body forcing everything I eat back into the world they have just left. I would like to inform the people of the internet that within the next year this Misplaced Texan crawling along the lands with the yankies will once again be a TEXAN!!!! Yep thats right you wounderful people. In the past couple of weeks my little family has taken fate into their own hands and are going to be changing things around yet again.

I will be taking lil man with me to texas. Staying with a dear dear friend and her little family which I have known for years upon years. I will be going to the course she is now taking to finally enter into the medical feild. Even is its one of the lowest members in the feild I will still finally be entering it and then from there see if I want to move up. A dear dear friend of mine that is much more like a sister then a friend will be watching lil man while Im in classes. Hubby bear isnt too trilled with this fact because indeed the friend who will be doing the watching is the sister of someone from my past . Which is too remain in my past.... And then I will be working in the medical field as well as lil man will be in a school system I trust because well simply put its one I went to . And hey ... I didnt turn out too bad. Granted if I were to ever go on that smarter then a 5th grader show I would totatlly flunk out. Hubby bear on the other hand would pass with flying colors . Really need to see about getting him on there. While me and lil man are down there hubby bear will be staying up here in yankie land just to insure we have a stable income while Im down HOME persuing my dream. Then once I have enterd yet again the ranks of the working people and save up enought he will be joining me. This is a very hard thing for him to do because he has been a yankie his entire life. AND NO HUBBY BEAR S.C. DOES NOT COUNT. On a plus note for hubby bear .... Hell be hearing a lot more of my accient since it only comes out when Im around others with them . And hell be able to grill all year long and not get looked at like he should be forced to go visit the nice men that give all their nice new friends very stylish coats with all the pretty belts and shiny things.

This is a bitter sweet for us . It will be pretty much the first time Ive lived longer then a 20 min drive from my momma. This scares the crap outta be because Ive always know even if I dont live with her if I ever need her shes just right there. But hopefully me moving with lil man will finally give her that push shes been looking for to fulfill her dream of moving back. true, Shes going to be moving longer then 20 mins from where ill be moving but it will still be closer then 26 hour drive. Another thing that is scarry is while im down there befor hubby bear moves down Ill trully be alone. Yes Im very thankful to have my great friends there to help but still be on my own.

Even with all the scary things Ive mentioned and kept silent theres so much good thats going to come from this. All of us trully believe this is going to be the right thing for us. Maybe it will and maybe it wont but well never know untill we try it. And if we fail then at least we can say we tried.


Tiffany said...

You're right, it is a scary thing to move away from your parents for the first time in your life. But you are a survivor and returning to the place that you call home. You will have your friends, and that support will be huge!
And you're right, it just might be the push that I need, we shall see.
I'm excited for you, I love you!!! And can't wait to see what comes of everything and where this new adventure will take you.
I think that Bryan will like it there, it's so much more laid back than here! I think he'll make more friends, which is always a good thing.
xoxo, Mom

Tanya said...

The move really does sound so positive..all the best!!