Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just a quickie....

Ok maybe it will and maybe it wont but . If your reading this then your intrested in what I have to say already right?

As I sit here listening to Greek( A new fav) Season 2 episode 2 . Im thinking about how I have not posted in awhile. But but but befor you give me grief theres good reasons. Life has pretty much been hell the last couple days and befor that was a couple of great days. I guess its true that you have to take the good with the bad. This last week was SO true to that saying. Ok so brfor last thursday I had just been busy. Work. Kids. Yada Yada Yada.
Couple weeks ago I finally was able to get my new phone. I HEART IT. Its such a great phone and camera and I love that its a touch phone. Ive gotten a couple new pics with it . Which I will be posting in just a couple moments. While I was out and about with my loveable hubby bear and kids we had to waste time befor the phone store opend so we went into petsmart. This might have been a bad idea but hey I really wanted to go and we really had to waste time around that area. So we go in and right when we walk in they have a station set up because guess what day it happend to be when we just happend to need to waste time. If you guessed ADOPTION DAY then you win a cookie. Now all you have to do is drive to the store and buy one. Yea so as soon as we walked in there were these 4 week old kittens. They were sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. And of course I wanted one. When I fell in love with one and heard the price was something I could manage I had to apply for this loveable lil guy to become part of our already twisted family. They told me in 2 weeks they would be able to go home with people and well were going on the 2nd week and I am anxiously awaiting a call. I really Really need to clean my house. And like almost everything else I have put it off untill the last min. But of course Ive been busy.

Last week was alright I guess. Just normal day to day stuff. Then got a text from my little brother , Whom Ive never met for reason that are my moms alone. But having him live accross country... Literlly , it was hard to meet other then on computer and phone. Then I got the text telling me he would be 3 hours from me. Of course I jumped on the chance and drove down too meet him. I think we would both agree that even thought it was the first offical meeting , it was like weve been apart of each others lives our entire lives. Even thought it almost didnt happen and the visit was only 2 hours long I am so glad that we had this chance. I know Im not a big talker and it was nerve wracking at the same time but it was great. Finally having that one person I knew was missing, finally fully apart of my life. We have soming in the works that might bring him closer to us but nothing set in stone first . But enjoy the pictures. Dont mind me.... I look like crap but I swear I looked cutier in the morning befor Wind got to me....

After that great friday Saterday was almost as great but hey Friday was still better. Saterday I finally got to go to one of Cpt.KIA's Flag Football games. It was ok. Not really sure who one. But Im thinking it was the other team. They were alittle better. Lil man enjoyed playing on this huge dirt hill with the other kids. It was fun to watch. Then later in the afternoon all of us gatherd up and went to a drive in thats really close to us. Thank God Iwas prepared with everything we would need because it was FREZING! befor the movies it was fine just alittle chilly but once the movies started and the the sun was gone it got so cold that after getting everything out we got everything back into the car and hurrdled in to the warmth. Got to see Up for the kids and Transformers 2 for mommy and daddy . Weve been wanting to see this since weve heard they were making another one and a bigger point in us wanting to see it is that part of it was filmed in our area. Yep thats right.

Sunday was horriable horriable day. For awhile now weve been dealing with Cpt.KIA being very agressive towards lil man. Now I know boys will be boys and their brothers fightings going to happen. But this stuff was beyound fighting. This stuff Cpt.KIA was doing could have seriously hurt lil man. And it was going to tear this family apart even though it was something neither hubby bear and myself wanted. But in the end of it all . lil mans saftey is what comes first to me. Always will be. But we had agreed to terms that seemed to fit everyone. Then for alittle while it seemed like things had calmed down. untill sunday. When he tought we wernt doing anything he did something mult times to lil man that would have been much worse if I wouldnt have caught him and stoped the situation instantly. At that point and time I was done. I would not allow my child to continue to be in danger from his own brother just to keep my marriage. Ove the next couple days we went from spliting up , me moving to tx with john, Cpt.Kia being sent to Bio mom. And anything in between. Thankfully weve come up with a solution that seems to make everyone seem alittle bit more better. Cpt.Kia will be going into theraphy. If by the end of the school year he has not changed and continues to do these things then he will be going to live with bio mom. I know this is a hard choice for hubby bear to agree to but at least were trying everything befor just giving up. But he knows that something has to change. And that even if its not what you want you always need to do whats best for the child. And right now we think this is the best choice and I know that hubby bears familly will always hate me if Cpt.Kia goes to live with bio mom seeing as all but one pretty much favor him over lil man but they dont know whats going on behind closed doors. They dont know the danger one child is over the other . They can judge me all they want but I know what needs to be done and Ill do what ever I need to , to get it done. If that makes me a bad person then so be it but Maybe if they get informed they will understand why these things will be in motion.

Yea the last couple days flat out sucked. but I think sunay and yesterday were the worse in a while. Yesterday wasnt toooo too bad for the most part. just a couple little things here and there. Had an OBGYN apt and then waiting all day to hear about the surgury my grandfather was undergoing. Other then that it was great. The apt ment great and grandfathers surgury was great. Nothing wrong happend . It just is what it is.

Ok its time to get john ready to send him off to school and hopefully get some cleaning done... Not sure how much though seeing as I didnt sleep very well last night ... and have work later. Maybe Ill do a couple thigns then save the rest for tomorrow when Im off.