Thursday, September 10, 2009

I just dont know...

What the right thing is anymore.

Ok so maybe thats alittle dramatic. But its true. Im not sure of things right now. School has started back up and I love love love having some alone time durning the day where I dont have Lil man climbing all over me. Litterally. But at the same time That whole issue with me and hubby bear having a cell marriage has only gotten worse. Yes Ive quit my part time job , Which was only friday nights, But even with having friday nights we still had food shopping and football practice to go to so all in all we didnt really add any relationship time . And that 3 mins in passing where we passed the children off from one to the other is now gone. We dont even have 3 mins to say hi , hug and kiss and then bye. Now its all trew texting. Because lets face it Im not a phone person and now neither is hubby. Ive been tired for awhile of having a cell phone marriage and its getting worse. Just not sure what the right step is next for us. I love hubby bear but Im tired of having just a roommate and a cell hubby. Guess time will figure it out for me.

On a much lighter note. The fair was a blast. Everyone had a great time. Of course I forgot my camera. OPps. Oh well. Spent more time actually enjoying the time then worring about trying for the life of me to get good pictures out of a crappy camera. But we did get one good pic of lil man on a ride.

I think its cute. The boys were finally tall enought to ride some of the adult rides. Which were a blast. Of course they didnt like all of them but at least they tried them. Right?

To prove my point about the boys being the same height. While we were at the Fair we had to mesure the boys and found out Lil man is 44 1/2 inchs and Cpt KIA is 45. Now anyone want to argue that point with me?

Tuesday was the first day of school. It went really really smoothly. We got up early had a nice breakfast. Ok so it was only frozen waffles . But it was a treat for the boys. Got the boys dressed. Even though lil man goes Hours after Cpt.Kia Its easier to just get them ready at the same time. Then for the very time I got to take them to school. Of course Cpt.Kia was first since his school started first. It was nice seeing him going to school and excited and everything. His class brought back really nice memories of when I was in school. Man I miss thouse days. Left him with him teacher then went home with john for awhile. When it was time to take lil man we were out and about . I had met his teacher the week befor at the IEP so it was nice to see her again. We were early so we walked around the school for a bit till be found the Gym. Played in there for alittle bit untill his teacher came and got him. I went to get a hug but he gave me a high five and said bye. I wanted to cry. But I smile and waved bye .

I of course got pictures. But it turns out that when my momma did a great job clearing all the evils out of my computer she might have deleated something I need to upload the pictures to my computer. At least thats the only thing I can think of. But its ok. Ill go to walmart and print off the pictures then scan them. I hate my camera anyways because its old and dosnt really work anymore . Ive been planning on buying another one but been trying to push it off for as long as I could. But now it looks like Im gonna have to . But its ok. Because I need a new cell phone so Ive been wanting to get the Behold which is a cell and camera in one. I will sooner or later look into digi cameras and find one I really like and save for it but for now the phone will work .