Saturday, September 5, 2009

The countdown begins....

School starts for both Lil Man and CPT.KIA on tuesday. I couldnt be more trilled and the boys are so young their still trilled about it too. Last week I went to a IEP meeting with LilMans teachers and they are clearly in love with my oh so young child. Beams proudly. They mostly had great things to say about him. And I believe are very happy that hubby bear and myself have made the choice to put Kinder off another year so that way he can stay in her class. And the greatest news that Ive gotten in a great time. Something my young son has had since the age of 6 months is no longer going to get. Yep thats right . He will no longer be given Physical Theraphy. For the lady says he is doing perfect and even though she would love to keep seeing him that there would be no reason for it. I almost wanted to cry. His entire life weve delt with physical delays that I was honestly beliving that this would be for his entire life. Yes it was a proud moment for me. Of course once again while we, Myself and both of my children, I got asked Once again if my children where twins. I dont know what it is about this question that makes me want to laught but everytime I hear it two points come to mind.
1. Their 2 years apart
2. I only gave birth to one of them.

Sadly Hubby bears family has a dawf gene in their family. Something that Cpt.Kia has taken on. Which surprises me because Bio Mom is rather tall . And Lil man has taken after all the men in my family and is rather tall. So they meet right in the middle. I find it funny at times.

Last night was a bitter sweet night for Hubby bear and a very exciting night for me. Last night We were outside grilling and a lil girl that Cpt.Kia knows from the buss stop and lives basiclly right behind us was out playing so Cpt.Kia went and played with her. We kept lil man with up so he wouldnt start fights . Well last night was the first time Cpt.Kia went over to a lil friends house to play. Hubby bear feels unwanted . but Even thought I can understand why hes feeling these things Im excited for Cpt.Kia because my fondest memories of being a child, Other then memories of my family. Is when I started to go out and play with friends and not have "grown ups eyes on us" We never did anything bad but it was just nice. And now my own child is going trew this. I know it will be awhile befor lil man is ready to just go out alone but thats ok leaves him to myself alittle bit longer. And to clearify he wasnt trully out alone . He was just at the little girls house and her mom was home and we can see right to their house from our windows.

Other then tuesday being really exciting day in my house hold Monday Im gonna be finally doing something Ive wanted to pa Since I moved to YANKIE LAND. Go to this huge fair that they have a week out of the year. Everyyear weve either had no money or no sitter. Well this year I have the money and the boys are old enought to go with us . I cannot wait.

Sadly Nana will not be able to go to their first Fair. But Im sure there will be LOADS of pics taken. As well as first day of school Seeing as Im taking both of them to their first day . Something Ive never been able to do befor.

Nana is going away to our homeland. The South.
Its a bitter sweet thing for me. Im so glad mom gets to go bad to see family and bring me back lots of pictures . But Its sad because I miss home ALOT. Along with the family she will be seeing. Im excited that she gets to go but just wish I could go with. Hopefully soon Ill be able to bring my lil family down and introduce them into the life I once called mine. Sooner then later would be grate. I will be calling you tomorrow mom befor work. But If your already on your way when I call have a safe and great flight and let me know you made it safely and see you in 2 weeks.

Im gonna go chill on the couch befor I have to get ready . Talk to yall later.