Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I guess thats all I can really say about today . Today has been.... To put it nicely... CRAP. One of those days you just want to go back to bed and start all over again.

I dont know why mother nature likes playing games but the 1st of september and its already freaking cold. So of course hubby bear being the great family man he was and not wanting his family to freze after he left to work turned the ac off. Yea that little break the ac got from the time he turned it off and the time I tryed to turn it on after turning the heat off , Which we finally got fixed this week, Well lets just say the stupid ac froze. Yep thats right. Our central ac FROZE. How?!? Oh well Thankfully it was beautiful out and we were able to open the windows. In fact I have our front door open since the screen door has a screen in the middle of the glass which is really helping right now. Im already seeing a sleepless night for me since I have to be curled up under a blanket to sleep. Oh well. Guess if this is the worst night this year Ill take it .

The boys have been taken over by devils ..... Please please please sweet angels go find my beautiful loving kind children durning the night and replace them in their sleeps. Ill owe you forever. Please? Its been one of those days where they think they run the house and were more then happy to do everything other then what I told them to do. Yea. Its been a ball of fun up in here yall.

Finally got the speedometer in my car fixed. HAHA thankfully. Now I dont have to keep really goot track of my speed anymore..... .:Cought:. I mean Not like I have to look anyways because Im perfect and I never break the law..:Cought:. And yay I dont have anymore broken plastic glass thingy infront of the consol. I always hated that but it was broken for a good reason. The freakin bus driver was drivin off with CPT.KIA so Of course it makes sence to Trow a cell onto the consol dash and smash the plastic glass thingy while speeding off and cussing. See my hubby bear know just the right thing to get me going .

Not to much else has been going on. Wasnt able to get all this junk taking up space in my living room into the shed. It will happen soon. I just know it .With hubby bear taking my car in then picking up one of my checks to him doing the oil on his car and be finally having a good turn out of food from the grill there was just no time. Maybe on Laybor Day. Both me and hubby bear are off all day long so we should be able to find 45 mins to get this taken care of. If not itll just continue to be a ever pressent fixture in my rather large living room. Im honestly not sure how Ill feel about it once its gone. Im so use to it that itll be weird not having it .

Ok gonna try to go catch up on one of my new semi fav shows . Greek . Nite all .