Monday, August 31, 2009


I dont get it.... How can I be so tired but yet SOOOO awake all at the same time? Seems alittle strange to me but to hell with it. It gives me a chance to so some over needed bloging.

Past week has week just like any other. I did finally speak with my boss from the part time job. I pretty much told her I would most likely not be back but would keep intouch with her incase things changed down the road. In the back of my mind knowing damn well . That wont be happening.

I havnt been feeling the greatest this past week. I dont know what it is but my body was just not feeling up to par. Side note. What on gods green earth does up to par mean? I only say it because its been said so many times around me its just kinda stuck with me. I could understand up to perfect or something like that but isnt Par something regarding to golfing?

Yes, I was born a blond.


Cpt.KIA's First foot ball game was cancled due to Crappy weather the night befor leaving the feild ... Unusable. To say the least. And I was not really up for sittin in the drizzle for how ever long it would have been. But I would have to support him. Sadly they reset the date to wensday and of course .... Ill be at work. Thats ok. Hubby bear will take lots of pictures for me.

Ok another reason Im glad that it got cancled. I know its sad to say but because of no game me and hubby bear were kindly able to go to the tattoo and pircing show I wanted to go to. Thanks momma for watching the boys for us. I got this new tattoo, And even thought theres a couple Itty Bitty Tiny little things Im gonna change when the times right... I love it . The meaning behind it and who its for. I might post a picture of it but all but one of my tattoos are just mine. And I like this but I love this one so much I just might have to . And plus its not like itll never be in any pics of me. It is on my shoulder for goodness shake.

My next day off were finally , after 7 months of living here, going to get all the junk outta my living room and into the shed. HAHA I wont have a clue what to do with the huge empty space in the room. SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!! Hehe Love you hubby bear.

Ok so maybe I should get some sleep. But how do you get sleep when your mind and half your body is fully awake and just part of you is tired. I know that if I dont got to bed soon ill be crabby tomorrow. And I have a couple things planed for the morning.... not sure what they are yet but yea. Know I want to do somethign other then vedge on the couch.

Otay you lovely people out there. think Im gonna go .

UNCLE DAVID!!??!! love you and thank you for the lovely comments. Still waiting for my paiting. Think I should get two now. One for the living room one for my bedroom??? Huh what do you think?