Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What can I say??? Ive been a very tired girl. Working two jobs gives me very little time at home .... Well where Im actually awake. Its clear that lil man is missing me but I think Cpt.KIA enjoys not having me around . Thats ok. Feelings mutial most the time. Dont take that for what it dosnt mean. I love him but its clear already were going to have Major issues in the seeable future.

In the last two weeks Ive had one day off. I get two days off a week from my full time but one of those days goes towards my part time. It sucks but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Right? Its ok. The way is nice . Biweekly im seeing about 700$ which is a crap load more then what I was making befor the jobs. Zilch. So to go from 0-1400 for a month is a great inprovement. If only I didnt have a crap load of debt , Ok not a crap load but a handful , and trying to get into another house , where I had the money just to blow on my kids and hubby bear. Yea a girl can dream.

Im going to the concert sunday . It was a close call. The dates got mixed up at work and I was ment to work on the 9th. I know its silly but I came close to breaking down a couple times that day. A sweet lady I work with has agreed to switch her saterday for my sunday . I had to tell a little white lie to get this day but I dont think the boss would take to kindly to me requesting off weeks into just starting . If it hadnt been for something that was really importnat to me then I would have worked no problem. If this lady wouldnt have agreed I would have still worked just been very upset about the whole thing. I think hubby bear knew how upset I was because the night I found out he showed up at my work with the boys and brought me something to eat. It was just what I needed. Thank you hubby bear. You trully dont know how much that ment to me.

My two year wedding Aniversary is coming up. Man , it still is hard to believe I got married yet alone have been for two years. Of course its in like 3 months but still. I have been engaged lets just say a couple times. (4 I was young and in love aka stupid) But even though I had planed weddings and though about being with one person for the rest of my life. I never thought of myself as being the wifey type. To put it simple . The idea of marriage scared the shit outta me. I had seen way too many people that were close to me that had been married and to me seemed right , fail. I wasnt going to put myself in the chance to be another one. And even trew the last two years hubby bear and myself have fallen appart and back together it seems were finally on the right path. We know whats important to us and have the same goals and are willing to work very hard to get them. I can honestly say that in the start I never sall us ending up here. Of course every girl wants to be "the one" that changes a guy . But this time . I was. And Im very proud of it .

Cpt.KIA's Pee Wee football starts next week. the plan was for me to take him while hubby bear stayed home with lil man but yea . Since Im working like I am that wont be happening. It sucks but I think Cpt.KIA will enjoy having his dad there more then his momma. Now maybe if it was his Momma L. then it would be diffrent. Like I said . We have issues but we do love each other.

Well the boys lost all of their toys. Yes. The only thing remotly close to a toy in their room is sleeping stuffed animals. The ones they sleep with. Thats it . They never played with them and all they wanted to do was fight so after countless times of warning them that they needed to stop fighting they lost them. And when we were removing all their toys we realized they had broken their closet doors. So yea since weve lived here( 6 /7 months) they have broken their bedroom door( we use baby gates there now) and both their closet doors. Well yea guess its pretty easy to say they lost XMas gifts from us too. We explained that because they broke stuff they money we were gonna use on gifts will now go to that. Their ok with it . They know the'll still get stuff from family and santa. Not like they will play with the toys or anything. hubby bear and myself have agreed to get Lil man a couple things since Cpt.KIA will get things from Momma L. ( Bio mom) So to be fair well get him one or two things. And plus I think since CPT.KIA got a bike for his 5th xmas( that he still cant ride.) were going to get lil man something like a jeep or something. ( if hes good lol )