Sunday, August 9, 2009

Today is the day

That my dear old friend cable returns to my family. Yep thats right people as I sit here and write to who ever actually reads this I am waiting for what we all have grown so fondly to call, The Cable Guy. Think Jim Carey will show up on my front porch? I do hope so. Wouldnt that be a story to tell. I was alittle worried that because of what seems to be a downpour when I awoke this morning he would not show. But greatly the rain has slowed and it seems all will be ok. At least I hope . So from the hours of 8am-12pm someone over the age of 18 will be quietly awaiting his arrival. Which reminds me I have to go out to the shed and grab one of the tvs. Weve only had one tv in our house for what seemed awhile. But were thinking it might be nice to have one in our room so when we are both home and want to watch 2 diffrent things.... there you go. Were also getting DVR. Which is a god send because with me working nights I wont be home to really watch anything that is on. I thought this was a rip off. I was gonna be paying all this money for something Im never gonna be able to enjoy myself. But greatly with the new device of a DVR I can record and have the family watching something totally diffrent all on the same tv. What a world we live in. Kinda makes me thinks of that Brad Paisley song Welcome to the Future. If you havnt heard it yet. Go to youtube and listen to it.

Well I guess you could say Im alittle nervous for tonight. Today is the day that I get to go see my all time fav band in concert. Now this in itself is not whats making me nervous. Two other things are. like the fact I think its an outdoor concert and its raining and the fact for the last week hubby bears been stressed out about work on of course this means stress between us and so forth weve been *bickering* the past few days. We both know each other loves the other but after 6 1/2 years yea... guess you can say we know what buttons to push when we want to . I know we can get trew anything because we have. But yea think Im more nervous about the rain and outside then anything. Maybe should have hubby bear call and see about that befor we leave. Would suck after all I went trew to get this day off is it got cancled.

Im debating on something. About a month after we moved into our house we removed all the plants from the little garden area and about a month of having nothing I planted sunflower and sweetpea seeds. Ok to say the least. I do not have a green tumb. Never have probly never will. Well when I planted these I figured there would be a couple small plants and it would be easy to take care of. No it seems like over night these huge things took over my garden. To the point you cant see dirt. Veins( which I have no clue where they came from ) are taking over everything. 10 foot sunflowers and leves from plants I didnt even plant are everywhere. We had two sunflower stalks but one was leaning too far over and we couldnt walk on our sidewalk. Guess we could have used the ramp but were not smart like that. Soo hubby bear broke it in half and added it to the pile of unknown that is called our garden. Well now we have the tallest one starting to really lean. I was kinda wanting to see how tall it would get but it dosnt seem like its gonna get any taller. Or shorter. Too take down or let it fall? that is the question.

And yes it is as tall as our house. And if you look carefully. You can see hubby bears new car.
Not the greatest picutre but wanted to show the two diffrent colors the sunflowers are.


Tiffany said...

LOL that picture cracks me up! I guess you only thought you didn't have a green thumb huh?
Hope you have a fantastic time at the concert, try not to be nervous about it, it will all work out perfectly and you'll have lots of great memories.
Grats on getting your cable back on, enjoy!