Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Should have posted sunday

Morning lovely people of the web. I Dont think anyone other then 3 or 4 people actually read this but hey . If they do then here ya go. I had been planning since saterday to write this blog. Was planning it for sunday but my lovely hubby bear let me sleep in then we watched a couple of episodes of Prison Break then I had to go to work.

Ive realized why I miss being home at nights. Its the little moments I miss . The ones you can always look back on and smile . Seeing this picture makes me think of this point.

Work is going good. Very tired but its nice to be out and about again. And plus today is my very first pay day from my new job. I know its not going to make me a millionair but hey . Its one step closer to getting debt taken care of and being better off. Im going in for 10 hours today because for about 2 hours of it were having this saftey thingy that I have to go to . Hubby bears coming home early for it and everything.

I got a nice lil surprise saterday. For the past couple months ive been on a new path with trying to form a new bond with my father. And so far so good. I think it will work better that were both adults instead of me a child and not really caring about family. My friends use to be my family. I guess it happends to everyone. When your a kid all you want to do is get as far away from your family as possiable but when you age alittle and become more awear of everything thats when you really want your family. Ok maybe not everyone but everyone I know this has happend to. So maybe this time will be much much better then all the other times weve tried.

Well I got a nice lil treat saterday befor I had to get ready for work. We were just chilling out ... Me being tired like always will do that to us. When Hubby bear went outside to do something and found a package on the porch. My dad had sent me a lil care pakage from home. I guess he heard it in my voice how much I miss Texas. So I got some goodies .

I Really enjoyed getting this stuff.Its nice to get lil things from home. Even if it makes me miss it even more. But I dont think I would like the heat right about now. There was also a magnet and card that was not shown. Dad if your reading this I want to say thank you . And I do plan on calling but was going to wait till sunday. If your not reading this . Then I guess Ill talk to you on sunday lol .


Tiffany said...

What a nice package! That was very thoughtful of him to send. I'm glad that you are working on your relationship, it's never too late to be in each other's lives again.
Aw, that picture makes me miss the kids even more than I already do!!