Friday, August 14, 2009

What can I say????

I know I know its been awhile. Well a week anyways . Last sunday was kinda hectic. almost right after I posted my last one got here the cable guy got here. I think of him as a twin to Mr.Clean. Cutie but yea . Cutie or not Im married. I can look just no touchy touchy. But I had to leave right after Hubby bear got home and headed down to my 2nd fav place to get clothes( My 1st is too far to just go on a spur of the moment thing) Went and got some jeans. I only had one pair that fit really good but the pattern didnt go with pretty much anything I had. So I guess now you can say Im back down to 1 . Im gonna try going again ASAP because they have a sale right now buy one get one for $10. So yea gift ideas for me family HINT HINT gift cards to Debs or Torrid. Torrid if possible. New , trendy , clothes would be great to help with this weight that Im slowly putting back off. Guess that happends when I work almost every day and really only eat at most 2 meals.

After that trip to the mall I headed over to holiday hair and got a deep conditioner .... Man I needed it . I felt so relaxed untill I had to leave and sall it had started to rain. Yet Again. So hurryed home to the wounderful sounds of Cable. Man oh man. I think who ever invinted the DVR desirves to be a millioniar. Its the greatest , ok one of the greatest , things in the world. I record all the stuff I want to watch and watch it in the mornings and its like Im watching it live. Yep Yep . Ive been spending most of my time catching up on my shows.

Headed out to Hershey for the concert. Lets us say 20 mins after we left it started to pour. And the concert was outside. Yea so we get to hershey and its still raining like cats and dogs so we agree to go somewhere other then the concert parking and wait it out. Promply at 6 it ended and we headed over to the site. Find a decent spot and head up to get in the never ending line. only to be turned away because we couldnt take umbelas into the concert. WHAT?!?! We couldnt take it into the site for some unknown reason. yet again we head out to the car and return . Did I mention I was wearing heals??? Findally we get in and get to watch them set up for the concert. cool to watch and the guys next to us were pretty cool. Then the opening act started. and OMG THEY SUCKED . The best song they did was a cover song. We dont even know who they were but hey out of all the crowd they had a grand total of 6 people standing up cheering for them. Think they need to go back to New Zeland or take some tips. When the opening act was over I was starting to get really worried that the concert Ive always wanted to go to would SUCK. But let me tell you this. The seats were great and creed was the best concert Ive ever been to.They put on such a good show its hard to explain. Deff worth the money and DEFF something I would do all over again. Even sit trew the crappy opening band. And thats saying something. Ok I have to give them some credit . They had a good beat and if they would have never said a word they would have been half decent. But common . For creed? they should have had someone better.

I guess you can tell I had a great time with the concert . The rest of the weeks been stressful. CPT.KIA is getting really hard to handle and I can see things changing for my little family in the near future if things dont change. I dont really want to go into it right now but when and if the time comes to talk about it Im sure Ill let yall know . Alrighty everyone I think Im going to surf the web for alittle befor bed. See yall soon


Tiffany said...

Hey, this update never showed up in my Google Reader, that's weird!!
Anyway, sorry the day was so crappy but it sounds like the concert made up for it! I'm so glad you finally got to see them, something you thought would never happen... Sounds like it was as wonderful an experience as when I finally got to see Natalie Merchant!
Take it easy and don't work to hard. Call when you can. I don't ever want to bug you if you're sleeping or anything, so I always just let you call! lol
Love you

ChocDrop said...

I am so glad the concert rocked. Sounded like fun.

david said...

Hey There! I got my tickets for Creed and now I am even more excited. I have seen them every time they came back when and never thought in a million years they would be back together. They are coming with Stained down here. I like their music but have never seen them. Not sure if that's who opened for Creed up there or not. Stained reminds me of uncle Paul because he bought me that CD the last time I saw him. Well, take care and keep strong and moving on. I'm proud of ya honey and I sure do miss and love ya. Laterz, -d