Friday, August 21, 2009


I really need to get better at writing more often. But with me working so much . By the mornings all I want to do is check my emails and then curl up on the couch. I need to get more active and start doing more things. So Hopefully Ill stick to my new plan. I doubt it but its a nice thought right? Go to bed right after I get home. Wake up early get alittle cleaning done then computer and then do some walking while I watch my shows. Like I said, I dont see me getting it done every day . But its at least a plan.

Work has been going good. I have made up my mind what Im going to do about my parttime job( 1 day a week ) Maybe today or next week Im going to talk to the lady and tell her that Ill stay on till she can find someone new but Im gonna have to quit. With both hubby bear and myself working 6 sometimes 7 days a week and only seeing each other for 3 mins in passing its really starting to put a strain on my marriage and family. I know its only 1 extra day off but its something we need. My marriage is WAY more important to me then a job that only pays me less then 100 for two weeks. I hope shell understand.

Hey everyone do me a huge one. Scroll down and see that little add thingy .... Click on it. Youll help me get a pay check without having to do anything more then going to look at a site. Please???????

See im not to proud to beg.

Im gonna start working on a new music player. Ive noticed theres so much new music that I want to have on there but never have the time to do it . So Ill probly do a couple songs a day untill its finished.

Im really excited about something. I just sall last night a preview for a movie coming out thats based on one of my fav books. And yes I am talking about New moon but thats not the one I sall last night . This one is called Lovely Bones. And yes its been made into a movie. I cannot wait to see it .

Next saterday is CPT.KIA's First football game. Its pretty exciting Hes really enjoying football but he had to get moved to the the brand new starts. The beginigers. Which is fine because with him never having played befor and with him being small for his age it was just the better fit. I had off last monday so I was able to go to the practice. And I trully believe this team is better for him because it helps him understand how to play alittle more.

After the game Im gonna try to go to this huge Tattoo & pircing show thats happening. Maybe get me a new tattoo. Not sure yet. But its something I am really hoping to get to go to. Just depends what time the games over and if we can find someone to watch the boys. Because I would really like to take hubby bear so he can finally get to see what its like to get a tattoo and push him into getting one hopefully soon. Guess will see.

Hubby bears been very sweet . He knows how stressed weve both been and how never seeing each other was really starting to get to me. Ok ill be honest. Having a marriage trew texting SUCKS! And I dont know what to do about it at this point. But he brought me subway at dinner last night and then when I got home there were beautiful roses waiting for me and my fav candy mike and ikes and he says theres still one more thing but I have yet to find it .

Alrighty yall think its time for me to get my lil ones some lunch and work on this music player alittle bit. See yall soon