Sunday, July 19, 2009


Today starts the rest of my life. Or so I'm told. Well if thats the case. The rest of my life is going to suck. Ok maybe thats alittle harsh. I do have a great life. A wounderful hubby bear that works his arse off to provide for his family and is willing to give me anything... Even if there is alittle nudging involved. And I have two beautiful children. Even if all they do is fight . And yes I mean always . And A sturdy home that is indeed Our home. I usally trying to always see the good with the bad and vice versa. But today its hard. Maybe its the lack of sleep or the fact my step son has been home erm an Hour and they have yet to stop fighting. Its like I didnt get a freaking break. Once again this is not me stating I do not love my step son. In fact its quite the opps. I love him dearly. But man...... Im thinking of starting up another blog. Ontop of this one. Not like I dont have enought going on right? But this one would be completly private. Like no one but me would know its me writing it. Im sure if someone lookes hard enought they might find it once I create it but thats up to them. I guess it would my own personal Journal where I can have somewhere safe to go and vent without feeling judged. I promise to write everyone another longer blog about what whats been going on. but Ive gotten maybe a grand total of two hours of sleep after working all night and then driving up to CT to get step son and then all the way back home to be able to get to work in a couple hours. Later


ChocDrop said...

I think that is a good idea. I believe it can really help. Because we all know that we keep way to much stuff inside and don't let it out.

Do what makes you feel good!!

Love ya

tiffany said...

Sorry the kids are fighting already... they both got used to being the only one for a couple weeks I guess.
I'm so glad you decided to stop by on your way home, what a great surprise!
Hope work went okay, get some rest.
Love you