Monday, July 20, 2009

Simple Rambles

Well after a break( Work ) from everything and some well needed sleep. I am finally seeing things clearly lol. I think that I just had a bad mixture of no sleep and trying to adapt to what my life is now going to be like. About a year and half ago my hubby bear convienced me to quit my job to become a Stay At Home Momma. With very little effort might I add. I knew I would miss the cash flow . Even as little as it was . But the idea of being home with my family and being a stable parent for my son was something I was rather looking forward to . But in the last couple months moneys been getting tighter and tighter and hubby bear more stressed and working even harder. In America right now there is no way for a family of four to live off one paycheck, Get credit back on track and handle all out bills without going B.R. I know going BankR. is nothing to be ashamed of if it comes to that. I have even had a member of my own family do it to better their familys lives. And for that I will never look down on them. Or any others unless they are just trying to cheat the system. But with me not working , You would naturally think that I should go to work . Which I was fairly eager to do.. With a little shove from my oh so loving hubby bear. I will be the first to admit that it will trully be nice to have an extra paycheck coming into this house hold. The idea of not having to ask hubby bear for 5 dollars and have to explain what its for is something really nice. Not saying that hubby bear dosnt give me anything I want or need it will just be nice not to have to ask someone else. So now I am a fulltime+ employee. This is bittersweet. Yes. I am going to enjoy working the almost 50 hours a week and being able to get our credit taken care of along with the oh so missed friend that I like to foundly rememeber as cable. But with this oh so great opp of being able to have this job in this oconomy is the fact that, Once again, I am going to miss out of so much. I know this is something every parant deals with. But dangit this is my blog I have the right to mope right along with the right to beam with pride and love. Get use to it . I think that if I was working mornings and home at night I would be fine . But with my son the way he is , I would not trade him for the world, he is not able to go to normal all day Kindergarden and so for most of the time he is forced....Lucky to be stuck at home. So with no sitter the only option is for my butt to work the shift opp of hubby bear . Which sadly only leaves me 2nd shift. so for a woman who has been getting 7+ hours a sleep a night for the past oh almost 2 years , Shifting to 4 hours is going to be hard.

There really was a point to this blog but for one reason or another it has turned into a detailed reason as to why you will probly be seeing some drunkeness post for awhile. I promise I will work extra hard to get use to this. I think with the help of a new coffee maker I will be better off.
I am still thinking about starting up an extra blog. I am pretty set on it but just not sure how to start it . But I will keep this one going for all my long distance family. Who by the way . I love more then words can express and really think we need to plan a family thingy . Even if you are not blood related YOU ARE FAMILY!


david said...

Wow Nicole, I am reading this for the first time and am truly impressed and amazed by you. It seems we have so much more in common even with the differences in our age than I could have imagined. I guess we are all feeling the crunch of this world that is so hard and unfair at times. I say all the time that this world we live in is not designed for families anymore. It is impossible to make it work on one paycheck but the alternative is what is wrong with this world today - no family time. It seems like all we do is work and that we are spinning our wheels and never get anywhere. Well, sorry to blog on your blog but wanted to stay connected with you. Love ya sweetheart, -d