Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hello wounderful people of internet

Just wanted to stop by and leave a note for any and all people that grace my little area of this whole big thing we call WWW.

Lifes been good I guess. Lil man started the first of three weeks that he will go to his summer classes. It was weird not having either of them here in the middle of summer. But I am still looking forward to the day they are both in school full time. Yesterday he was driving me crazy so the 4 hours he was gone today was a nice break.

I heard back from the woman about the job yesterday. I cleared the criminal background so shes deff bringing me on. I go in thursday to finish all the paperwork and do the computer part of m being hired. Getting this job is a sad blessing. Of course I am thankful to be able to have found a job in the recession and the money will be going to getting all our debt taken care of along with saving for things that the house might need. Oh and the best thing. Cable. Along with the fact I have already worked for this company is a large plus . Things will be alittle diffrent then the way I knew them since this is a new location and manager then the last one I was at. But its still sad in the fact that I trully thought that I would never return to this company or any others like it . Even with that factor the thing that I fear the most is missing out on my family . Im going to see my boys for a couple hours during the week in the mornings then thats it. And of course with me having two jobs I will really only have one day off and that day will be spent running around doing things the house or family needs. I guess it will be a huge balancing act. Weve done it befor and almost lost our relationship in the process. Me and hubby bear have had some hard time along with some great in the past 6 1/2 yrs weve been together. I just fear Im going to miss out on so much with not being around in the afternoons like I have been. But this is something that I have to do. Just a matter of time for us to settle into the way things will be and getting use to them. Ill keep yall up to date about it .

Ive been having really bad head akes on the left side of my head around my temple. My right eye is stronger then my left so time to time my left eye strains to keep up and caused almost migraines . If it dosnt get better soon I might be going and speaking with my doctor but for now Advil is a god send.

Hubby bears on his way home with the next disk of prison break . So Im gonna go call the company about cable instal and talk to yall later.


tiffany said...

Congrats on the new job!! Maybe if you stay with it long enough you'll be able to change to a different shift and work while they are in school once they are both going full time, that would be nice!
Glad you're thinking about going to the doctor for those headaches, I sure do worry about you.
Love ya