Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nothing to exciting

Nothings really been going on lately for me to jump right on to blogger and post about. Getting back into the swing of working 50 hour weeks . Im not liking this only having one day off things but for now its whats gotta get done. Maybe when I get a couple bills caught up and have alittle more free money then I will leave the part time job I have to be able to have two days off with my family.

Even thought my alli has worked for me in the past right now it dosnt seem to want to help. But I cant really put the blame on those lil blue pills. With me being so tired I havnt really been up to counting fat and calories. So I havnt really been sticking to my diet. But once I start bringing in money from both jobs. I plan on doing nutrisystem. Ive always heard great things about them and me and hubby bear have been looking into them. For 300 a month I get everything I will need to eat. Only thing that will come outta pocket is drinks. And seeing thats about how much we spend on me to eat anyways. ( figure it this way. 4 people in this family and we usally spend anywhere between 800-1000 on foodshoping a month ) So Ill keep you up to date on how everythings going. Maybe put a count down on here or something.

Something strangly cool happend yesterday . You all know how I went back to work for the same company I worked at a couple years ago. Well one of my normal customers ( No Im not a stripper of escort or anything of the sorts) Found me on myspace. He says hes tried finding me befor with no luck. I will deff have my gaurd up for awhile around this . Im torn between this being sweet and I actually made a impact on someone and then theres the strange feeling this is werid and stakerly. I dont need any drama in my life right now. Too tired for it . So for now. The gaurd is fully in place but If hes being sincer and just wanted to find someone that was always nice to him then it will slowly come down. Not sure what to make of it yet.

Today is my grandfathers birthday . I am not sure if he will read this or not but I wanted to tell you grandpa that We all love you and hope you have a great birthday. Your card is on its way. I just had to wait to get stamps. I love you sooooo much . Miss you even more.


tiffany said...

Grandpa probably won't read this for a little while, he left for Mexico on Tuesday. :o)
Hope you're able to quite the part time job soon, I'm sure you must be pretty worn out!
Love you