Sunday, July 12, 2009

I've got the golden ticket!!

Yep thats right everyone. I am one lucky lucky woman. For I have such a great family. Live in such a great area and have Tickets to my all time fav band. Creed. *Glows with happiness* Thursday I find out that their coming out with a new cd. Friday bickerd with Hubby bear about if their going to have a tour. Sat morning I find out that they are having a tour. Saterday lunch time. I am the proud owner of GREAT seats for their Aug 9th show. Yep yep. I know Im lucky. And very very loved. Thank you hubby bear. I know you are only going because of me and I promise to repay the fav. One way or another.

I was going to try to get the family to go to something that in my eyes is something everyone should do if they live or are traveling around here. About 30 mins from where I live is a town I will refer to as East. From the steps of the old Court House the Declaration of Independence was read on July 8, 1776. Every year they relive this. I was really thinking about going but I am not good with crowds so for this year. Instead we took Lil man out to his first ever Mini golf game . We did not keep score but he did really well. You would think it would be him who got his tiny freaking balls in the water. But no. Sadly. It was the parents. ME and HUBBY BEAR! lol But it was fun all around.

Lil man is trully missing his older brother Cpt.KIA which is still with bio mom untill this sunday. And the way I know this from a child that trully does not speak other then a few short words here and there? He curls up with his blanket and plays there. Of course we all miss Cpt.KIA but I am glad for this break. Now if only I could get a spa day for myself and get away from all three of my very much loved men. Would just be nice to have a day around women. But I love my family so I would probly just be hurring to get it done to return home.

I havnt heard from the woman about the job yet. Im hoping she just didnt want to call during the weekend and will call tomorrow or tuesday. I could really use the money for many reasons.
Guess Ill leave yall for the night. Im gonna go check out and see if I have any new shows taged. Nite


tiffany said...

Great post! Glad you had fun mini-golfing, I bet he loved that.
Sorry he's missing his brother, he doesn't understand that he's coming back, he just knows that he's gone, probably. poor guy. but they'll be reunited and fighting again soon. lol
Congrats on the tickets to Creed, so awesome!