Thursday, July 9, 2009

great day all around

So here I am . After a night of pretty much me and hubby bear snipping at each other . We had a great day today . Im doing something nice for Bio mom out of the goodness of my heart. Because I know if I was in her shoes I would love it if she did this for me. From one mother to another this is a gift. But yea this morning I was doing pretty much getting this gift together for her untill I sall that it was time to get ready for my Interview. Got ready and went after Hubby bear got home. It went really good. She pretty much said shes bringing me on to try and after my criminal background clears and shows Im not a complete loser Ill be back into the world as we know it as Full time Employed. Yippee !!! But *Knock on wood* seeing as I dont really have anything other then petty debt I dont see a problem. Came home and watched Push with hubby bear then took lil man out to our community pool while hubby bear had to do some running around. I saddly fear that out of the many things my son has inherited from me. Love for swimming is not one of them. He hates getting in the water. And it wasnt like the water was cold or anything. So yea seems right now till he gets use to it my lil family will be chillin out in the kiddie pool. No biggie . I can sit and he plays. As long as he dosnt get wet above the waste hes all good. Came home and hubby bear grilled some grub for us and so kindly went to the store even when the food was done and got rolls when we realized we had used all of them. Then settled down on the couch watched Knowing and talked to Cpt.KIA when he called . I know this is the most exciting thing in the world but this was a great day . And I fear with me going back to work full time ops of hubby bears work days like today are going to a end. At least till the boys are both full time in school and I can work days. Oh and one of the best things about today. I found out my all time fav band who had broken up a couple years ago are coming out with a brand new Cd this fall. Yep thats right people . Creed is coming out with a new cd called Full circle. Anyone want to buy it for me? We can call it a early xmas gift. I promise Ill repay the favor???

Congrats goes out to my momma. While her company is going trew some tuff times and saddly some familys are going to be going trew a really rough time here my great momma has gotten a Great Promotion. And just when she was ready to walk. Just proves that if your going trew hell just keep going.


ChocDrop said...

I am so proud of your mom.

Good Luck on the job, in this economy getting a job is awesome cuz they are being really really picky. Congratulations sweetheart

tiffany said...

So glad you had such a good day. I bet he doesn't like getting in the big pool because it seems gigantic to him, he probably does better in smaller spaces or something, who knows.
Congrats on getting the job! I know you miss having your own money, you always felt better when you were working and could bring in a little extra cash to do fun things with the family.
Thanks for the last paragraph. I went through hell in that place for 7 years, I was ready to walk every single day but something kept me there, and now I know what it was. You're right, when you're going through hell, keep on going... it will all pay off in the end.
Love you!