Monday, July 6, 2009

Hi ho Hi ho its off to summer we go

Well Well Well... Looks like I havnt really been too talkitive. Maybe thats because so much has been going on. Maybe just the fact I havnt been in the mood to talk lately. Last week it seems all weve been doing is preparing for this past weekend. Preparing my stepson. Cpt.KIA . to go stay with "Daddys friend L" or as I would like to call her from now on Bio Mom. I have strong feelings towards her. Yes. I know I still need to sit down and write it all out but yea just havnt really been up to it yet. Guess when this trial run ends and everything goes back to normal I will do it. Trust me your not missing anything too exciting just something I should get out there for the world to know and then move on. Well on the 27th me and hubby bear went to a concert that we bought tickets to about 6 months ago. Ok me growing up in Texas. Well simply put. I am huge into country music. Gotta stick to my roots ya'll . Hehe I still got it. But this was a concert we simply could not pass up on. Kenny Chestney. Montgomery Gentry. Sugarland. Miranda lambert. And lady Antabella. Hows that for a line up? lol Well saddly we were not able to get to watch the full show. When we got there it was clear many many people had be there since the wee hours tailgating . So by 4 pm when the show started . Everyone was wasted that had been to the bigol parking lot party. yea. We got trew 3 of the 5 shows and then it seemed like it was time for everyone to get into it. Yea. With everyone fighting around us and beer flowing freely it was time to leave. It was still a great time.
Nana had the boys for the night as to planed and since it was going to be late by the time we got back she let us keep the night off. Thankies Nana. So we went out and watched 'Hangover' It was a good movie. Anyone whos had a hangover in their life will be able to relate to this movie. The rest of the week was kinda a blur. I realized monday that Cpt.KIA has a lazy eye. So we got him in asap and by wensday night he was wearing glasses that look like Magnifing glasses. Not only does he have the lazy eye he has really bad near sighted ness. Thank god we dont live 30 years ago when he would have had to wear those HUGE ugly black glasses. Tell me he dosnt look cute in them. He loves them.
Friday we drove up to CT. Let me tell you something. Driving trew any big city traffic brings me close to panic attacks. No Lie. And with the way my hubby bear likes to drive. Well yea. the 4 hour drive up there to take Cpt.KIA to bio moms house SUCKED! Thats all Ill say about the drive. Fianlly we got there and stayed for about an hour and let him get use to her. I think he was more then ready for us to leave and him be the center of attention for two whole weeks. If the visit goes good . Well be having a sit down talk with him . Ill keep you up to date on that. On the way home we were going to stop at this little burger place. Its suppose to be the home of the very first hamburger ever made. yea well since this is basiclly a family based place They took off for the holiday weekend. I couldnt help but laught. Both hubby bear and myself were pretty upset but on our trip up there were going to call and make sure their going to be open lol. Saterday was a great day. We all pretty much slept in . Which was really nice . but finally got our lazy butts outta bed and off to Sesame place we went. Ok if anyone has kids and ever near philly pa. Take your kids there. They have a great place. And its not just for the kids. Grown ups can ride to . But since we paid we got a two for one so when Cpt.KIA comes back and we have the money up for his ticket were going to go back. We pretty much only did the water rides and then went back for pictures. So well do all the dry rides next time. Lil man loved seeing the few characters that we did see.

Heading out we were all pretty done with the sun. We headed up to Beckys Drive Inn. Yes we are lucky enought to live an hour from new york. 30 mins from philly. hour from Sesame place. And 30-40 mins from a drive inn. We live in a great place. *Take note of this. Youll never hear me speak of anywhere by texas like this* Well John loved it. We watched Ice Age 3. And Xmen Wolverne . We had a great day.

Of course by sunday all we wanted to do was lay down. I got burnt up pretty good saterday . But hopefully it will turn into a nice tan. Hubby bears back to work today. It seems alittle werid without him but its nice for everything to get back to normal. I dont know if you remember me talking about me trying to get a job with the same company I worked for , For almost 2 years about a year ago? Well the lady called me today and Thursday I have an interview. Think its really just for paperwork since Ive heard trew the grapevine that they seem to always be hiring because no one wants to stay their. Well thats good for me because that happend at the last one I worked in. Hopefully it will go good. I will update everyone thursday or late friday on how it goes. Friday I work at the kitchen and then saterday were taking Lil man to his first ever mini golfing or to the crayola factory. Yes we have one 40 mins from our house lol . I know I know Im lucky to live in a great place. EVEN IF ITS NOT TEXAS. Think were going to do the golfing and then go to C.F. when Cpt.KIA comes back. Lil mans first week of summer classes will be on the 13th and then the weekend after that we go back to pick up Cpt.KIA. Maybe I can talk nana into keeping her oh so adorable grandson for a couple hours the saterday befor we go back up there so mommy and daddy can go see a movie? But i promise to try to keep everyone more up to date.

Kisses from our lil man to you.


tiffany said...

Great pictures! Glad you made it to Sesame Place, I was wondering if you were able to go.
Love ya

tiffany said...

Sorry, thought I wrote a comment but that must have been on Myspace or something...
Looks like everyone's been having a good summer, lots of fun all the way around, I'm glad to see that!
Also glad you stopped by and visited, it's always great when we get to see you.
Best of luck with your interview!
love you