Sunday, June 21, 2009

To the fathers of my world

You are a great father. Work harder then I have seen any other. Make sure our children are well taken care of and always have more then they need. That can go from mean daddy to the sweetest daddy in the world with just a smile from our child. That is the first to volunteer to jump on a kiddie ride to help a child feel better about a first time. With such a open mind to let a mother like me dress our children in a mohawk and skulls and still tell him hes a heartbreaker. To a man that when ever has been needed or asked has steped up to the plate. Our world would be much darker without you in it.

You came into my life at the age of 9. I fought you half of the time and the other half we got along like two peas in a pod. You were always the father in my life even though your never had to be. Now are a great Pappy to my children. You tought me about Barking Spiders, Not to touch lil green strangers, and its a BBQ even if its 40 Degres out and all the foods inside. The life lessons I will always tressure. Thank you for being there when you didnt have too. You are greatly loved.

You are the man I gained half of my Genes from. Been in and out of my life for pretty much my entire life. And yet even when we think the end has come for this strange father daughter relationship we have. There is always another start. Maybe for the kids maybe just to have each other in the picture. Either way . I love you and always will and hope you have a great fathers day.

I could have gone my entire life without ever have meeting you. But I am so glad that I have. You have welcomed me into your life and your family without a second thought about it. I enjoy our talks and being around each other is always a adventure. I hope you will forever be a part of our lifes and hopefully one day we will live closer.


tiffany said...

What a wonderful tribute Nicole, I love what you had to say about each of them, great job!

ChocDrop said...

You are lucky to have so many special men in your life!!!