Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Mommy dont play that

I have been profussely sick the last couple days. I honestly thing the first couple Hubby Bear thought it was a excuse to get out of doing Anything. Of course while Ive felt like dying my children felt like crying. With tears of joy that is. Lil man has learned a new game. He thinks this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Grab something off the desk while mommys not paying attention to me and run with it. Of course in this game mommy has to get up or try very hard to get said important thing back or well . The games no fun. I have not had a problem with this game. The smiles it brings to his face is one of a kind and the laughter to my ears. That alone is worth the migrain hours upon hours of chasing after him . Usally I can get away with sitting in the chair and turning this way and that to reach for him when he would Dearingly come closer and closer. As the past few days this has been his number one thing he has wanted to do. But today unlike the others I have felt worse then normal and ontop of it Hubby bear is still not home because he went to look at a car. Which everyone will like to know. He has found a car for half of what we were planing on. New Computer Chair here I come. So I have not eaten or had anything to drink since this morning when I snaged half a cup of his tea for lunch. Im alil edgy to begin with and ontop of it waiting to go food shoping . Yes my children have eaten. Well the great hubby I have has called , From god knows where . and orderd chinese for me. I am still waiting on it with the money on the desk, When my beautiful son decided it was time to play another round of 'keep away' This time with mommys $20 sitting on the desk to pay for mommys food. Lets just say my kid knows how to get out of a grasp when he wants to.All the while the laughting and playing continued. This round of mommys chinese money did not last as long as the others because Mommy dont play that!