Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Im still here

I know its been a week since Ive writen last. Nothing too important has been going on. Just seems like everytime I turn around theres something else that has grabed my attention. We got a little bit of money last week. So saterday the four of us went out to a nice dinner. We try not to go out to eat to much but this place is really good southern food. Its my Grandmas fav place to eat and I think it has become mine. Maybe once in a huge while when Im in the mood to cheat on my very strict diet ill treat myself to going there. I would tell the name of it but right now my mind has completly blanked on me. Sorry.

We are buying a Wii from my parents. They want to get something like a Xbox so for a GREAT price we got almost everything we could ask for with it. We are planning on getting a couple more games and maybe a wii fit but right now weve been vedging out on the couch playing each other . Went to block buster today and rented a game. Its a great game that has all the family favs like battleship and connect 4. I think its one of the games were gonna be buying when ever we get this stupid tredmill sold. Want to say thank you to my momma and dad for giving us the system befor paying them. We do have the money and as soon as we see you youll be a few hundred richer.

With the little bit of money we got . We have been planing for awhile what we are going to get with it. Hubby bear is trying really hard to find another car so that way we have two and can stop putting so many miles on this one that will mainly become mine. While Cpt. KIA is up with his bio mother for two weeks were going to do something speical for lil man and take him to this great amusment park that is centerd around kids. . Yes we have our reason for why were going while Cpt.KIT is going to be with his Bio-Mom. Mainly its to give lil man something speical as Cpt.KIT is going to have with his trip but theres other reason. We finally got a new vacume today. Ours broke when we moved into our house and I will be the first to admit I suck at being a house keeper. But the one thing that I usally have to do every day is vacume my living room. I know its strange but hey . Its me take it or leave it. When I was finally able to vacum our living room without all the dirt just being pushed back out I was beaming. Is that sad? We also finally got a foot bath. Hubby bear wont admit it, But that is his fav thing right now. At least we wont have to fight over it . Me during the day him during the evening. Seems simple right ?

Found a couple of blogs that I have been captured by. So most the time Im on blogger Im readding their blog to catch up. Which is good and bad at the same time because its getting me up to date with their blogs but putting me behind on all my other blogs I should be reading . As of last friday Cpt.KIT is out of school of the summer. Im thinking about setting up a countdown till his first day of school. I love my Step Son. but man oh man. Sometime I just want to run and screem. Is it bad of me to say Im REALLY looking forward to his stay with his Bio mom? Of course its a lil nerve racking as this will be the first over night stay with her in Years. Another blog for another time. But I think in the long run this will help all of us. Every parent deserves a break once in awhile right? Not like Im wanting him to move away . Shoot even lil man gets under my skin some times. I know I use to drive momma crazy . Which is why I so foundly remeber returning to her After spending the summers with my grandmother. lol

Im still looking for another job. I will keep the cooking gig, Seeing as its only friday nights right now. And saddly its looking like Im going to have to go back to what I was doing befor I went into being a Stay at home momma. But hey . At least I know the work and it will bring in some more money right? Because let me tell you. I miss having my own money. Not saying that hubby bear dosnt get me what ever I really want but it would be nice to not have to ask him for everything and finally let him have some of his own money for himself. And having Cable back would be Really nice. Not that I need it because I can pretty much watch Almost anything online but yea sometimes its nice not to have to sit on a broken desk chair to what the shows you want to watch. What do you think will come first. My lap top or Cable??


tiffany said...

LOL yeah, every parent deserves a break sometimes. Always why I was so happy to see you when you came home from Colorado! I was nice and relaxed and ready to be a Mom again, even if I did miss you while you were gone!
Glad you're having fun with the Wii!!
Good luck on finding another job, I know that it stinks not to have your own income coming in. You'll find something soon, I'm sure.
Oh, just a note, Dell has these cool smaller laptops at a really cheap price. They are about the size of a portable dvd player and only cost about $250.00. Maybe something you could get until you can save for a bigger one?
Love Mom