Monday, June 8, 2009

Where Back

Wow , It feels so good to be home. I was planning on writing this up last night but by the time that we got home and settled all I had energy for was to check emails and a couple blogs. Think we were all pretty much ready to crash after alil bit of being home. I could still use some sleep. But the trip was great.I was having 2nd thoughts about going up untill when we left and alittle after we got there. The main reason I wanted to go was to go to the beach... Well that didnt happen. It rained off and on pretty much the whole trip and yes the only day it didnt rain was saterday. I told you that was my luck. But its ok. We made up for it . Went to the pool and hot tub. This was the first time lil man has gotten into a Big Person pool. So it was alittle nerve racking for him and myself to say the least. Not too sure he enjoyed it as much as I did but I do have to say that my lil man Loved the hot tub. Just sitting back in the warm water without a care in the world. Thats my boy .:Beams with pride:. Thursday and friday all we pretty much did was just chill with the family off and on. Got to see some family we havnt seen in years... Even though they live ehhh 45 mins from us. It took us going to S.C. to see them lol. Saterday was the best day . Started out by going to this great lil place The kids really loved it and the big kids got to play to.

Lil man started to get tired and knowing he needed to stay up for a LONG time. He got to have his very first Mountain Dew. Seeing as grandpa works for Pepsi Company. I think he got a little thrill out of seeing this first. Now let me set the record and say I pride myself on not allowing my children to have sodas. A sip here and there but never a full bottle to themselves. But I figured it was a vacation and he was old enough to handle one. Now let me clear something up really fast. The bottle was a mini bottle and he only had 1/3rd of all of it. My children are firm drinkers in anything But soda. I.E. Ice teas, Milks, Juic, Waters. And I like it this way. But Believe it or not. The mountain dew had no, Nada none, effect of him. I guess my lil man has enough energy to go around for the bunch.

But anyways . The boys loved bouncing and sliding for a good hour befor it was time for lunch. Went back to the room ate and got ready and then headed over to the In~laws to celebrate 3 birthdays and 2 graduations all happening within a week span. Ha and here I was thinking we were only going down for 1, Yes One , Graduation. I want to say a huge thank you to Uncle A's friend Nick that was staying with the In~Laws who for a good hour had to listen to my oh so adorable five year old going "giveeback" And when wasnt given the game trew such a huge fit, Did I mention how much I love my child? . And even trew all of that you still continued to play with him. Bless you kind stranger.
A. D. And my great mother in law J.

Then it was off to see my brother in law graduate from high school. I was alittle worried about going . Not actually being there but if anyone has small children . going to something like this is alil scary woundering how the children are going to act. But add of a child with PDD, and your close to having a nervus break down at the thought of sitting for almost 2 hours and having the child stay calm . But omg lil man did SOOOOOO good. But comon even if he was bad. Do you really think I could stay mad at him with him looking this cute?
Hubby bear and the man of the hour A.
Brother in law A. And father & mother in law.
Hubby bear and my 3 brother in laws. C. A. & D. and of course Hubby bear
But after the rather sucessful graduation sitting the whole family headed out to this great lil place to eat. Where I have to say is the only place I have ever had real Strawberry Ice tea. Yummy. Everyone was in good spirts . Even cpt.KIA who was at this point. Really tired,Hungry , And to top it off Homesick and just wanted to come home and see birdie.
We said our goodbyes and headed back to the room. Packed and crashed. By sunday on our way home we were all feeling blah and just wanted to be home. but all in all it was a good trip.
We are very proud of A for getting this far in life and everything he has planed for his years to come. I am proud to call you my brother even if it is only by marriage.


tiffany said...

ROFL I can't believe you gave him a mountain dew, even a baby one! Hahaha I would have been scared to death.

A BIG congratulations to the Graduate, that's so awesome, a super accomplishment!!
Glad you all had such a wonderful trip. Family is what it's all about!

Love you all

ChocDrop said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Sometimes family is the best thing to pick you up.