Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend in a nutshell.

Well... What can I say about this weekend. Nothing too out of the blue. I guess you could say. It had its good moments and it had its bads.Thankfully more goods then bads. Friday afternoon hubby bear picked up a pkg of shoe strings to fit my fav heals. Ok Now Im not the type of girl that is all girly girl. Hair always done. Nails. Ext ext. But I have found a pair of heals that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to wear. Maybe the first time in my life. I Got them a few months back when I was in Khols and fell in love with them. That has never happends befor. Got to wear them a grand total of 2 times befor my wounderful son decided it would be better to destroy the laces then let mommy cont to wear them. They go with everything I own. There called Apt.9 Kink dress heals. Deff a pair I am wishing I will forever have. I wasnt feeling too good friday afternoon . But when hubby brought home the laces I cheered right up. Of course still felt like I needed to hurl. And then something happend that I thought would never happen. I was laying on our couch watching one of the many seasons of Reba , Seeing as we have no cable right now, When my son, Lil man. Was bouncing around the living room. Now you would think this would be a normal thing for a 5 year old lil boy with Autisum. And actually you would be right. this is nothing new in our house hold. Now if he actually sits still for longer then 2 mins then thats something strange. But anyways. I way laying there and hes bouncing away and hubby bears sittin at the computer when I see my son bounce around and then bounce his forhead right of the corner of the coffee table. When he finally stood up. There was a good 2 inch hole in his forehead. Suddenly I no longer felt sick. I jumped up then hubby bear and off the the Er . Thankfully my mom was able to come up and watch Cpt. Know it all after he got home from school .

Three hours and 7 stiches later.....Lil Man did so good. Cried maybe the first 10 mins after it happend and when we first put him on the table in the er. Guess he rememberd the last time a year and half ago he had to get stiches. Finally got home and got the boys into bed . Layed down and Mommy crashed. All that sickness came flooding back. Isnt that a great story? lol and that was only friday . Saterday was much much better. The boys were good . Lil man was back to his self jumping around and acting like a normal boy . The only sign he rememberd what happend was he went around to everyone pointing to it and going " LOOK" . Thats my trooper for ya. Nan came back up for what we had originally planed for. She got to spend the evening with the boys while Hubby bear and myself got to have Grown up time. We went and sall
Now I have mixed feelings on this movie. Mostly good. I just have one huge question? What on earth did this have to do with Demons. I get the whole Angel tie in but Demons? Maybe I missed it or just a repensentation of evil but then it there could be two meanings to the angel. Idk Either way it was a good movie. I enjoyed The Davinci code and seeing this was the next one in ther serious it was as good as to be expected. Of course 15/20 mins befor it was over I was so ready to leave. I am not good with sitting in a theater for longer then 90 mins and this was 2 hours and 20 mins . I do think well buy this when its released on dvd. Buy the time it was over we were so ready to get going and head to dinner. We both hardly eaten anything all day so by 4 pm we were kinda starvin. And we went to a grand ol fancy dinner at CICI's Pizza. Yep you heard it . Im a lucky girl. I have to admit it was my idea. I love their pizza and dont get it often. We left there right when it was getting busy. Headed over and walked around a shop for awhile to waste time while our friend got ready to meet up with us. After about an hour of just walking and window shopping we head over to the firehouse where Hubby bears a member. They were having a band that night. Hey I normally would have rather go somewhere like a club but when I can get a Jolly Rancher for 2.50 Im There.

While we were there I sall a posting for Part time Kitchen help wanted. And with me looking for work. Mainly part time. It was right up my allie. Of course I had never worked in a kitchen other then my own So I was a little hesitent to ask about it. Me being me. Got hubby bear to ask first then finally went back to talk to the Kitchen manager and seemed to really hit it off. At first she was just going to call be but like 20 mins later she came out and asked if I wanted it . Of course I wanted to jump for joy and shout Yes . but I polietly said yes and thanked her . So I start this Friday. Gonna see how friday goes and if it goes good then it looks like I will have a job. I get to wear jeans to work so hopefully Ill be able to keep this one. Sat nigh ended on a great note. Sunday we kinda just lounged around the house . After saterday both hubby bear and myself were feeling kinda Blah.... I crashed REALLY early sunday night . Well today starts the new week but more stuff just keeps happening . And it all happend right when I woke up so I guess I could count that in with the weekend seeing as my mind was not fully awake. Lil man came into my room crying to wake me up. Something he hardly ever does unless somethings wrong. Lil man is not a crier. But I wake up to find out Cpt.KnowItAll had bit him. And not gently either . So of course I had to handle that lil situation. Cpt. KIT got grounded. 2 days for lieing to me and then 2 days for each bite mark. And there was 2 of them so a grand total of 6 days and all for something that could have been controlled by him not doing something hes gotten in trouble for over and over.... Seems hes getting worse and worse . Makes me sick to think we wasted the money to sign him up to sport for him to act like this. Money could have gone to better things. But thats not the only thing. The other thing is Went to get a plate and found a cat.

Nothing really serious about that . Just surprised me seeing not something you usally see . Still dont know how she got up there. Just tells me be careful what your reach your hand into.


tiffany said...

I'm really tired now after reading all this LOL
Glad you had a good weekend for the most part, except for the stitches and biting and cat in your cupboard. She was probably trying to get away from the kids, don't blame her there! LOLOL
♥ Mom