Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is your heart still mine....

Yes, I know the title has nothing to do with this post but hey. Its the last lyric I heard and since I was unable to think of a title... There you go. Not much to talk about. This week has been calm. Which is a blessing in its own. Had a great BBQ in beautiful weather with the parents monday . Crappy weather the rest of the time.I should probly head to bed but I am not tired in the least. So like I said not much to write about so guess Ill leave you with some pictures. Enjoy

They were sitting so cute together so I quickly got up to get a picture and by the time I got over there lil man was giving this expression.... Think hes tired of having his picture taken.Still a good one of him and Daddy .

This this is maybe one of my more recent pics of Lil man that I just love.

Notice the hat??? Yea Buddy... Thats where yours trully is from!

Birdie... Shes a tiny thing but shes a good mouser.

Lazy rainy mornings....


tiffany said...

Aw, love these pics. Wait till you see one of the ones I got on Memorial day of John and Bryan. You might have already seen it on the Shutterfly thing I sent, I don't know, but it's really good.
Had a great time on Monday, thanks for everything, love ya!