Wednesday, May 27, 2009

HomeSick or MemorySick???

I have been feeling really home sick lately. Missing everything that use to be "Home" to me. Sitting back and looking at photos. Talking to my friends.Just remembering everyting in general. But then I realized something. It wasnt the place I missed. Even though yea. I do miss it sometimes. It was the memories. The people. That I missed. I mean can you every really go home? I remember hearing that you could always go home but I dont see how you could. I mean even if I were to go back Everything would be changed. And I do mean everything. Hell Ive changed for the most part. Would I really just fit back into the schem of things? Or would I just be this weird person trying to rehash years ago?Dont get me wrong. Of course one day I would love to move back down south. To me Texas will always be Home. Its just a completly diffrent place down there. Even Hubby bear fell in love with it when he was down there for a week last year. Maybe in a couple years we will be able to save up some money and move down there. Of course by then I will have two homes. Texas and Yanky Land (Pa). I will continue to remember my memories foundly as they will always be apart of me. As will most of the people in them. Myspace is a great thing. Im starting to think this post has no real meaning to is ... So heres a pic of what I still consider Home.


tiffany said...

I go through the same thing, missing home so much it hurts. But you're right, it's not the actual place, as much as the memories and the people that you love, whether it's friends or family. Places always change, they are ever-evolving, but memories always stay the same in your heart. When I went home several years ago, Grandpa drove me through Alamo and it had changed so much that I got really freaked out about it. It wasn't the same as I remembered it and it didn't sit well. I would have rather have just kept the memories...
Someday if or when you leave PA, you will have wonderful memories from this place too. It's where you met your husband and started your family. It was your first home as an adult and the place where you started to put down your first roots as you discovered who you were and what you wanted out of life.
Home is where your heart is, no matter where that is, when you think about it.
Love Mom

ChocDrop said...

I agree you can go back but you have changed. You will see things a little differently.
I don't mind a visit but it is just to hot there for me.