Friday, May 1, 2009

How old??

Can someone tell me the question to this Very important question???? How old do you have to be untill you have all the awnsers youll ever need? All my life Ive heard people say things along the lines of " What till your older. Then youll know." Well, How old do I have to be. Seems to me , That no one knows all the awnsers. Ok Ill give a certain few. Like those on there death beds that have lived 80-90 years. But common. They've lives a LONG time. They have seem many things and been trew alot. Think its only right to give credit where credits due. Of course when your a teenager you have the right to Think you know it all but in realitly dont have a clue. Im including myself in this. Then when you get into your 20s you start to get a idea of where you want your life to go. Family. Jobs. Partier. Everyone seems to have the perfect life maped out. Of course not everyones is going to work out the way they plan. I'm willing to bet that most everyones plans are going to change somewhere along the life. I , Personaly cant speak about any age older then what I am. So I will stop with the 20s. But Im just woundering. When does anyone have all the awnsers? 20's, 30's Death bed? Seems to me that no one really does. Or maybe those few that do. I.e. Death beds. have all the awnsers arnt able to use them. Seems everyone always gets the awnsers to many problems everyones faced with After they need it to help them. Of course this could take me into the whole Everything happends for a reason. We have to go trew the bads just like the goods to better ourselves. yada yada. Im sure no one wants to hear me go on and on about this type of stuff. Just a question Im sending out into the universe. Not really expecting a awnser.

On a side note. While I was writing this , Our cat Birdie caught yet Another mouse. When we first brought her home from my mommas house we knew we had one. Which is why we finally say yea well come get her. Everything had seemed good for alittle while. Didnt even know we had another one untill I heard her running around the kitchen like shes crazy. Then she comes prouncing out into the living room, AkA The room Im in, with the head in her mouth and the body just hanging there. Yes. This is my excitement for friday night. Being a homebody is a curse and gift all at the same times. Another blog for another time. Think Im gonna go chill out to some music and surf the WWW. nite everyone


tiffany said...

No one ever has all the answers, that's exactly what everyone spends their whole lives searching for it seems. Sometimes it's frustrating and you can feel like your life is in a state of limbo because you don't have it all figured out. (secret: no one else has it figured out either, that's a guarantee)
But eventually you reach a point where knowing the answers doesn't matter so much anymore and your goal in life is to be content and live a good and simple life. That, to me, is the answer to everything, just being content, no matter where you are in life, and to be a good person, that's high up on the list too...