Thursday, April 30, 2009

I DID IT!!!!

I DID It ... if anyone couldnt tell! With the thanks of my beloved MOMMA . I was able to change my Blogger layout. And I finally went around and made it offical of who I fallow on this wounderful site where everyone gets to peek into the world of other people without it being against the law! Another YAY for the WWW. Onto the more inticting news. We wont be going to Texas for a visit like we were hoping. Something Im not too trilled with . But Accept it. Instead with the money we were going to use were going to be geting the oil tank filled for next winter. All of us need clothes and were gonna take a couple trips. Take the boys down to the philly zoo and to Sesame Place. Which is something weve always wanted to do. And of course for the mommy and daddy time. DORNEY!!! Maybe Ill be able to talk hubby into another pircing and tattoo. Or just oneor the other... I really want my eyebrow pireced again but THE RIGHT WAY!!! I swear. You finaly give in and trust someone else to touch your body in such a private way like a tattoo and pircing and you would think they would do it right the first time. Of course Not. Well at least this dumb dumb didnt . Think he was to busy checking out the girl I was with then actually paying attention the the placement of where he was going to put a hole in my head. Thats ok.Ill go back to someone I trust and get it done the right way.

Things are ok on the home front. Hubby bears out at a baseball game with a friend from work.I miss him but sometimes its good to have this alone time. Well I dont know if you can call it alone time with both boys still here but yea. Its pretty much alone time to me. Because usally all I have to do is tell them " GO PLAY" And they Normally dont bug me :D I know I should probly be playing with them. But my god. I woke up this morning and was so tired. Im doing everything in my power to just to stay awake. Thats the good ol life of me. Its almost the boys bed time so Im closing it out here. NITEY NITE!!!!


tiffany said...

Great job with the new layout and getting the comment box working!!
The layout really fits your personality. Proud of you for not getting upset about going back home...
Love ya