Friday, May 8, 2009

Energy boost....

Guess the title tells everything. I dont know what it was about today but I just got into this cleaning kick. Well dont know if you can really call it a cleaning kick , Seeing as the only Real cleaning I did was dishes. Lets just say. Orginzing kick. Im sure by now all of you have realized that I am not perfect with my gramer. Im human . Get over it . But back on topic. Yea. If anyone knows me knows that I like things a certain way. Dont know where I get that from :Cough: Mom. But yea , I have the hardest time keeping things orginized. And it stresses me out so bad you would seriously call me a freak. I think I can keep my house pretty originized . But our desk. OMG . One day you can put down a note book or a cataloge and the next day its hidden under a pile of junk. I seriously dont know how hubby bear can handle it. Hell just push it over to the side and forget about it. I will let it go for so long befor I clean off the entire desk of lose stuff and go trew it . The end result is a orginized desk, Me with a head ake and ten more things added to the project list. Which I am pretty sure all of which I wont get to.

But I did get something very important done today. My XMAS shopping list. Yes I know its only the start of may. But I swear Im horriable at planning for the holidays. This year I want it to be diffrent. I went trew all the catalogs I had that were somewhat recent and wrote down everything I plan to get for everyone. And the good thing about having it all planed now is we have plenty of time to get everything. And Even thought I wrote down a few ideas from a few of them most of the stuff is coming from the same one . Which is a plus for me . Less shipping. Of course I dont have a clue what were going to get the boys . And hate to say it but its only family this year. I would love to be able to send my girls and godchildren stuff but thats just not gonna happen unless but any luck I get a job soon. And even then its iffy.

I do need to download some music to put on the zune. As to Hubby bears request. My brother in law is graduating from highschool early june and Hubby bears going to go. It was going to be me and him but yea. It will be better this way. So yea gotta get some music ready for his trip.

Summers coming up and fast. Im really not looking forward to it. Ill be the first to admit that I enjoy my alone time while their at school. Im gonna have to think of some things to do with the boys. I know the pools going to be open soon. So maybe take them there. Not sure seeing as neither of them know how to swim. And theres no way Im getting into a swimsuit this summer. So maybe daddy will be able to and Ill be the picture taker lol. Does it count if I put my feet in??? Please say it does? Found this great blog that gives really creative food ideas for kids. And it isnt really anything too out there. Just normal stuff created in fun shapes and animals that kids can have fun with. So Ill have to get some of the reciepes for weekday lunches. Think Im gonna get a countdown till school starts back up. Is that alittle too pushy? lol I think not!

Nothing else really going on. Weathers been crappy. Lots of rain. But my plants are finally starting to grow. Which Im really excited about. My legs are killing me so Im thinking I sat on the floor to long or its going to pour tomorrow. Either way . I sent out a letter to a family member that has been a part of my life from time to time. Im not really expecting anything but hey dosnt hurt to keep them updated. Ok think its time I go and fill out apts. Later


tiffany said...

Yes, it counts if you just put your feet in... lol