Tuesday, April 28, 2009

OMG !!!!

We got some great news today. My son has had health problems since birth. No Joke. And the stupid stupid stupid doctors always tryed to blame it on myself and Hubby Bear. Well today we got the news that there was no way in hell that it was us. Which could only mean one thing.

THE DOCTOR WAS A DUMB FUCK !!!! That was more worried with going by the book , Because "This is a learing hospital and there are students here" He should have just gone with his gut and all of this could of been avoided. Now I dont know exactlly whats going to happen or if anything is going to happen at all because of how long its been . But we are sure as hell going to try to find a lawyer and get whats right to be done. People like that doctor should NOT be treating human's!!! Ok Think Im done ranting for the night. Im gonna go work on something else now. Or maybe just watch Ms.Birdie run back and forth like shes actually running after something.