Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Come one come all... Alittle help needed

HELP HELP HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ok so in the same form of asking for help for school.
Im doing it again.
Our school is sending everyone to a huge compition/Expo in Hershey Pa June 7-8.
Anyone that wants to go has to get the money raised befor the 30th.
Thats 400 DOLLARS in 3 weeks.
This money goes to our room. Food.The shows. Transportation( Since where taking busses down together). They are closing down the entire park for 5 hours for the entire Empire .( thats just a plus side to it ) Everything is going to a great thing to help me in my Work Field.The shows are suppose to be some of the best around And there is no telling the types of things i could learn from them that I could not from my normal class. We are doing fundraising!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ALSO We are selling BLUE MOUNTAIN CANDLES!!!!! These candles are selling for 12$. If anyone has ever had one of these candles they know that is a great price. I bought one 2 years ago and still use it to this day. Of course I will be buying more. $4 of the price is going towards our trip money and the rest is for the candle. If anyone would like to see the order form . Yes thats right you do not need to live here to order them. I Can scan the page that shows every scent they offer along with the order part and print it out when you return it to me. It will take me alittle bit longer to get the candle to you due to having to ship it but I will make sure you get it. !!!! ALSO !!!! For anyone that might be intrested. I have a form to get sponserd. The form is for anyone, Either Friends , family , or Business. can order. Depending on the price you pay you can get a space of advertizing. This is a great thing to have for family/friends and corporate alike. CORPORATE-You advertising dollars will not only support the students from this school, They will also bring you the fallowing benefits!!!! -Every empire education group student will want to see the program. That is well over 10,000 pairs of eyes.-Programs will be given to every person attending the event. More then 5,000 copies will be printed and circulated to our students, Their friends, Family members and supporting business in attendance at the Hershey Event.-The program will be designed in a regional sections. Your potential customers will not have to look hard to see who from your area supported our students.-The program will be available in the lobby of every EEG school following the event. All of our walk-in clients will be able to look through it. What a great way to bring business to your door by Utilizing "Mention this and receive the fallowing" Coupons! -If you purcharse a quarter-page advertisement or greater , We will lock you in at the price for all future event programs that you choose to support. FRIENDS AND FAMILY- You are welcome to place "Good Luck and Best Wishes" Supporting advertisements on behalf of your favorite competitor in this program at significantly reduced prices. Everyone attenting the even will be given a copy. What a great way to support your friend or family member in print and create a wonderful souvenir! Yes I wrote that word for word out of the advertisement. Only the sponsor part. If anyone would like to help out please let me know. Every single one helps in the biggest way. Thank you soo much for taking the time to read all of this.
COME ONE COME ALL!!!!!As most of you know. I have been attending classes at Empire Beauty School. I have talked with many of you befor about having you come in when the time is right. Well within the next couple months I will be moving to the pretty soon i will start the 360 program and I will need 5 people for hair cuts, 5 people for Color or highlights, and 5 people for perms or chemical relaxers. If anyone is intersted please let me know ASAP, and i will give you more information about the dates and times.BTW ITS FREE ALSO!!! I need to start building Clientell ... If anyone is intrested . If you would not like to get one of the other offerd above. I have 50% off cards . Yes that means anything offerd at the school 50% off the already really cheap prices. All you have to do is give me your Address and name . And the card will be sent out to you soon. Let me know