Friday, February 6, 2009

Well Well Well..... There you are

Well I know its been awhile since I last wrote. But anyone that reads my moms blog knows Ive been moving into my own home. To finally be in our own home is such a great thing. Yes, Of course I miss those little moments from living with my parents but theres something much greater about finally being in your own place, your own rules, It being Yours. I dont know about yall but Its a great feeling. Life has been pretty intresting. Not in a bad way in the least thought which is always a good thing. I finally have a moment to myself because for the first time in months my son is actually napping when I put him down for one. Alright I know people are like "What ! You still put him down for naps at almost 5" And my awnser is always Yes! If anyone knows or has been around my son for longer then ten mins they understand with how much running he does all day I need time to myself along with he needs time to just calm down and breath. Usally he just trashes his room But today hes actually sleeping! Yay for mommy time. Well other good news. In my school you have so many lessons you have to learn that they break it up into usally 2 or 6 week blocks.So we have alot of finals. Ive been there 2 months and already had 3 finals. Yesterday we had our final on Scalp treatments. Which FYI I thought I was going to fail Horriably. Seeing as Ive been battling the Flu for the past week so all in all in the past 2 weeks where we normally have 8 days of class Ive only gone 4 from either being sick or really bad weather. So I didnt get the information needed for the test untill the day befor!So yea completly thought I was going to fail. But I PASSED with a 85.She told me I passed and all I could say was "WHAT!?" Everyone just laughted . I think everyone in my class thought they were going to fail but all but two of us passed. I was really happy at that point. Well as you know I am a step mother. Along with being a mother. Being a parent alone is a hard job but being a Step Parent is even harder. Think I owe my stepfather some Huge THANKS! Well for the past almost 6 years I have pretty much taken on the role of mother for my step son. It didnt really bother me because I loved him and still do. Long story short. his mother was not in the picture for a really long time. For reasons we will not speak about.Back in dec, Out of the blue, She got in contact with us. Now Ill be the first to admit I have my own issues. anything other then a mother I have no problems with her at all. Me and her never got the chance to sit down and have it out or talk about anything really. Seen her in passing while picking up or droping of s.s. many years ago. Well My stepsons birthday was on the 4th. The Bio mom came down from CT.we took the boys to chuckie cheese. They loved it. she was there along with a couple thats our friends that have children as well. Everything went better then expected. After all that me and her went to go grab something to eat and really talk. I can honestly say I feel a whole lot better about everything in my life except one thing and that one thing will Not be mentoned in here. But yea I know it might not seem like alot but life has its ups and downs and goods and bads. And right now Im simply going to enjoy all the good life is giving to me and my family. Ok guess thats enought about me. Rent a center just left with the beauitful but Oh So Uncomfy couches. And when hubby gets home were going to pick up our brand new living room set and the boys will finally get off the floor and start sleeping in there brand new bunk beds. Life is good and I couldnt be happier!


Tiff said...

They weren't technically on the floor, people will think you're an awful mom if you say they were on the floor hahaha
I'm proud of you Nicole, you handled Captain Know it all's bio-mom thing a whole lot better than I probably would have.
Congrats on passing the scalp treatment finaly, I think I need one of those if it includes a massage! lol
Love Mom