Monday, April 27, 2009

Where has the time gone???????

Holy crap... Its been over a month since Ive posted one of these. Maybe its the curse of never really being able to keep up with these types of things or maybe its just life has a funny way of taking over everything you have planed and making it into what it wants. Either way I am hell bent on staying with this. Life has taken a couple turns but nothing tooooo serious. This past sunday. The 26th was mine and my husbands 6 year aniversary. I can still remember the first 5 mins of us talking like it was just hours ago. Think its also funny that Everytime I remember it I can smell dunkin donuts coffee.... Seeing as thats the uniform I was wearing when I met him. Lol. We have had our hellish moments and are greater then great moments. But in the end hes still the one I want to curl up on the couch with and watch shows weve both seen hundreds of times. As we like to say " Id rather fight with you then be without you" And I still feel the same way to this day. cant wait till its out 6th wedding aniversary .

I am no longer attending classes at Empire at the moment. Its not because I just wanted to give up. No nothing like that. Ever since I was little I wanted to me in beauty but never really wanted to do the hair aspect of it. Nail have always been my main point of view. When I started the WHOLE cosmo course I started it for two reasons. Yes I didnt really want to go into it because of the hair but I did because that course accepted Finacle Aide and it was starting right away. I did not just wait for the nail course because well . I knew I was not going ot be able to get a loan for it since I was not working and they did not accept Aide since it is only 2 month course. Well back at the start of the month I just did not want to go anymore. The more I was there and had to mess with hair the more I was starting to hate it. Hate the people. The school. Everything. So I made the choice for me. My family. And our future. I withdrew from the course. I made it clear that when I get the money up I will be back for the nail course and that is just what Im going to do. For right now I am slowly getting into Job hunting. Theres a couple ads on craigslist Im going to fallow up on and see where it leads me. I cant wait to start working and paying off the little Aide I have to pay back . But just the thoughs of not being home to put my kids to bed is whats stoping me. But I know I will get over it. I am a adult and do what I must. And plus if I start working we can get cable back.... Man I miss it.

Things are going good right now. : Knock on wood: Me and hubby bear are looking forward to the same things and have the same goals in mind. We support each other fully and make it a point to spend time together when we both are in the mood for it. It has taken us a long time but we are finally at a great point in our relationship.

The boys are doing good. Cpt.Know it all is doing great in school. Got his report card this past week and he did great on almost everything . Think the only real thing they noted was how he needs to take reponsibility for his actions. Lol nothing we didnt already know. Little man is doing great. He is back in the IU21program. 3 days a week for 5 hours each day. He is always much calmer when he is home and it gives Mommy some alone time. I love alone time. Finally get to get some things done around the house . Both boys are loving the nice weather. Not loving the 90 degrees but still better then snow in my book. Not sure what else to write. But I promise to keep up with this ALOT better then what I have been . Might not be what anyone wants to read but from now on . nothings off limits.

Got some horriable and great news within the last couple days. My step cuz broke her arm. I sall a Picture and OMG I could bearly look at it without gagging. I felt so bad for her. She is in my prayers and I know her family is there to help her. I will be getting a card out to her to let her know were thinking about her even thought my uncle my have to remind her who I am. Thats the horriable news. Now the great news. My uncle is getting a book published. I have only heard about this trew my mom but OMG IM SO EXCITED FOR HIM!!!! I cannot wait to get me a copy . Most likely more then one knowing what happends to books in my home with my children. I know this is something hes been waiting for for years and its finally happening. And I couldnt be more happy for him if I tried. even thought Im gonna still try to get my painting done. :)