Friday, January 23, 2009


Hello everyone. I know it's been alittle bit since I wrote my last one. Lifes been pretty crazy.But I have a question for everyone. How many of you actually take time out of your day and trully sit down to think about all the good things in your life? I, For one, Have a issue with always thinking about " What ifs" " Why mes" And what nots. I mean Im sitting here thinking about everything I still need to pack.And it hit me. I have a pretty good life. Here I am 23 years old and Im moving into my VERY OWN HOME! I mean yes I've lived in homes with my family. But this is my very own without anyone. Ok Let me try to say that again. This is the first time My little family is moving into our very first house. Yes its a trailor but damn. Some of them are nice. And for the price were paying it was a steal. But thats not the point of this. I mean Lately I've been down. Everything good that would be happening in my life I would first thing think of the bad things. Like Were moving into our own house. But its not in texas. Getting a nice couch. But its not the one I wanted. But then Im sitting here thinkink about this and Im like Damn. How could I be thinking all that stuff. I mean Yes . Once in awhile its ok to be down and think about the what ifs and what nots but it was beging to become a habit for me. I have a really good life. Were moving into a nice house. We have everything we need because my husband is a hardworking man that puts his family over everything and I couldnt love him more for that. Our children and My self always have what we need and most the time what we want. Everyone is in perfect health right now. And for those that know my sons history you would understand why thats such a huge issue with me. Yes Someone that at one point in my life I hated. And when I say hated I mean hated. Is coming back into my life. But they have proven to improved there life and for that my stepston is going to have a better life. At least I hope. I dont want to say it because I know the moment I do somethings going to happen to make it all go to hell. but let me just say this. Im very thankful for the luck I have has thus far. I know I usally think about the only things that could make things better . But Im going to work even harder at being thankful for how good things are already and say thankyou more offten. But I want to send a huge thankyou out to my hubby. He works day in and day out to make life better for me. This was not always the case and we have had our rought parts. But weve been together 6 years. Thats to be expected. He gets up at the buttcrack of dawn goes to work. Comes home. Watches the boys while im at school then instead of going to sleep when the boys do he stays up knowing how early he has to get up for work just to make sure i get home ok or cook me something when i get home. I honestly dont know what I would do without him. And even thought not everything is the way it should be I know even in the worst of times he still loves me and I him. So this goes out to you hunny . THANK YOU for loving me , even in the worst of times, Thank you for being a great father and a perfect provider.


david said...

Wow can you write! I have to tell you I am completely awed by you. Watching "the grapes of wrath" always gives me a huge dose of gratitude. To think about what life was like for so many people back then really has a way of keeping me in check when I get into that place of the "why me's" and the "why nots". Just looking around at what is going on all over the world today is enough to really keep my head on straight. You seem to have managed to find that place at such a young age it blows me away. I am proud of you Nicole. I am excited for you and your family. Just keep holding on to each other and moving forward and some day you will look back at my age and probably be in awe of the life you created. Love ya, David.

P.S. - I have an idea on the paintings I owe ya.